Xiaomi announces new batteries for smartphones: more charge, more recharge

Xiaomi announces an innovation regarding batteries: 10% more capacity thanks to a new technology, with another "boost" guaranteed by a special chip

Needless to emphasize the importance of a level of autonomy in relation to the way and frequency with which we use smartphones today. In the space of a decade they have undergone an evolution as rapid as important that has brought them to be the Swiss army knife of today, with which to do everything, from trading to social networks.

Until a few years ago the autonomy of smartphones represented a major limitation, but for some time now - fortunately - the situation has improved. On the one hand, thanks to the advent of fast charging technologies, an area in which companies like Xiaomi have set the standard and thanks to which, in a few minutes, you can reach battery percentages that make you feel comfortable, and on the other hand because the batteries have become more capacious with the same overall dimensions. Now, Xiaomi, is ready to make another remarkable step, with batteries able to take another step forward, helped, too, by a special chip.

The new Xiaomi batteries with more siliconĀ 

Xiaomi has entrusted to the Chinese social network Weibo its innovation with which it promises to give users batteries with more capacity, and therefore potentially able to ensure greater autonomy, with the same overall dimensions. This last aspect is very important, because it will allow the company to keep the dimensions of its smartphones unchanged while managing to place, with the same internal volume, batteries with a greater capacity in milliampere hours.

How does it want to achieve this result? By employing more silicon inside the cells, three times more than is currently done - the company specified. In addition, in a world where the software is more and more the master, the increase in autonomy will be guaranteed by a new chip, the Xiaomi Fuel Gauge, which will make more efficient the algorithms through which analyze the habits of use of customers and adjust accordingly the charging and battery consumption, also reducing the chemical aging, then "physical", of the cells due to incorrect charging habits.

And they are working on the 240 watt recharge

All this will result, says the company, in an increase in battery capacity estimated at 10% for the greater use of silicon, and therefore of the increase in mAh capacity, while the benefits resulting from the additional chip designed specifically for the battery are yet to be quantified.

But Xiaomi's hope is that the combination of the two innovations will have a significant impact - and, needless to say, a positive one - on the range of autonomy offered to customers. To give some numerical reference, on a 4,000 mAh battery 10% more translates into a 4,400 mAh accumulator with the same external dimensions.

In the meantime, Xiaomi is rumored to be working on a fast charging technology that even gets to deliver the power - impressive, there are no other words - of 240 watts thanks to the USB-C 2.1 connector.