Xiaomi confirms: Mi Mix 4 will have an under-screen camera

This time we're in: from the words of an Xiaomi executive it emerges that the project of a Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 with an under-screen camera is not under discussion

Judging by the rumors that have been flowing with regularity in recent weeks, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 project will happen. It seemed unlikely that the Chinese company would rescue the series from the oblivion in which it had fallen due to the fact that the last exponent dates back almost three years ago, but Xiaomi has decided to return to update it moreover doing it in style.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 in fact will have a feature that stands out more than others, namely the placement of the front camera for selfies below the display. There's been talk of this possibility for Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 for some time now, and at first it seemed difficult to implement if only because recent attempts had yielded mixed results. Indeed, darker than light: in September last year, ZTE's Axon 20 stood out for its under-screen camera, but shortly thereafter did so in the negative for unconvincing selfie results in terms of quality. Xiaomi has evidently been working under the radar in the meantime to fix the problems of a still-acerbic technology, and would be ready to show off the results of months of research and development on the Mi Mix 4.

Xiaomi confirms Mi Mix 4's under-screen camera

In fact, in light of recent events we might as well eliminate the "ifs," "buts," "maybes" and conditionalities so far due. A user on Weibo - the Chinese equivalent of Facebook - posed a question to Weng Teng Thomas, Xiaomi's product director: "What is the product with an under-screen camera that you might buy in the future?"

The Xiaomi executive's response was not long in coming: "Still need to ask?", something we could translate to "Is there still a need to ask?". In short, the man from Xiaomi believes that the clues are now overabundant to still have doubts, making official between the lines the project of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 with camera under the screen.

The hypotheses on the remaining features of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 are no longer counted, but the aspect on which no doubts insist is that regardless of the rest any exponent of the line must be characterized by the search for the maximum extension of the display in relation to the frontal surface, and the camera under the screen fits perfectly in this philosophy that persists since the debut of the range.

Predicted top features, but the price is ultra

However, Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will be a top of the line, also to amortize in the context of a high price the high costs that result from a "cutting edge" technology such as that of the camera under the screen. Consequently, it is not difficult to believe that to move the ranks of the user experience may be the most powerful chip in the Qualcomm range, the Snapdragon 888 Plus accompanied by an adequate amount of memory.

Entering into the field of the most "slippery" rumors it is said that the smartphone may have a wired fast charging between 100 and 120 watts of power and a wireless fast charging on 70 watts peak. Between 4,500 and 5,000 mAh the capacity of the battery of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 predicted by the rumor.

Unpopular, as anticipated above, the price predicted by the rumors: we speak of 5,999 yuan, about 780 euros at current exchange rates. It may not seem high to some, but in China Xiaomi's most expensive smartphone, the Mi 11 Ultra, costs less than the 5,999 yuan predicted for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. And, in any case, Chinese smartphone prices are always lower than European ones, for two reasons: zero shipping costs and very low taxes.