Xiaomi has made a professional monitor: 4K and Pantone at low cost

Xiaomi has unveiled a new professional monitor, and like all of its products it stands out for its high value for money

Xiaomi continues to expand its product range constantly and extensively, ranging from smartphones to electric cars (soon) via tablets, routers and even smart humidifiers. The latest innovation is the low-cost professional monitor, which despite the price has interesting features.

Xiaomi is famous for the more than favorable value for money of its products, and also the new professional monitor is ready to conquer fans and professionals by virtue of high technical features combined with a very attractive price. The new monitor has a very high resolution and a wide range of certifications, from that of an important name for designers such as Pantone to that of TÜV Rheinland, which analyzes blue light emissions and "marks" only the best products, i.e. those that tire the eyes less and are therefore more suitable for those who make intensive use of monitors.

Xiaomi, how the professional monitor is made

The Xiaomi professional monitor has a high quality screen, very high if you compare it to the price. It is a 27-inch diagonal IPS panel with 4K resolution (i.e. four times more detailed than an equivalent Full HD). Beyond the resolution, very high, what most strikes the new professional monitor of Xiaomi is the quality, which from the data sheet emerges primarily through the Pantone Validated certification.

This is an important link between the Pantone color system with which designers are familiar, which is mainly distributed in "physical" form, then textile media, plastic or paper, and the colors reproduced by a screen, which may be that of the monitor of Xiaomi. Pantone Validated certification ensures professionals have a system to verify the ability to render Pantone colors, which is intuitively important for those working in design.

But Xiaomi's new professional monitor doesn't stop there. It also has support for the Adobe RGB color gamut and covers 99% of the DCI-P3 color space, with a delta E of less than 1. Important for a professional in the field is the presence of a dedicated button for selecting the most suitable color gamut for the context in which you work. The monitor is capable of reproducing more than a billion colors, has DisplayHDR 400 certification - where 400 is the peak luminance that the display can reach expressed in cd/m2, also called nit - and also the certification of TÜV Rheinland for particularly low values of blue light emission (which fatigue the eyes).

The professional monitor of Xiaomi has a dual input HDMI 2.1, a Displayport 1.4, two "classic" USBs, and a multifunctional USB-C port, from which data such as the video stream from a laptop or power to charge a device up to 90 watts of maximum power can pass.

Xiaomi, how much does the professional monitor cost

The new professional monitor from Xiaomi for the moment is distributed only in China for the equivalent of about 480 euros. No information yet on marketing in Europe.