Xiaomi launches a foldable smartwatch: the features

Xiaomi launches Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch, a smart band with curved glass and a battery life that exceeds a week

Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch is the new wearable produced by Huawei, a company that is part of the Xiaomi universe. It is a device that has created a lot of buzz for its design: it is in fact a wearable with curved glass. Very similar in appearance to the smart band made by Nubia and also with a foldable display and touch. This is not the first time that Xiaomi has attempted such an experiment, creating innovative devices that after a couple of years become the industry standard.

Flexible screens are slowly gaining more and more space, and in addition to smartphones manufacturers are also starting to produce the first smartwatches and smartbands with foldable display. And the Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch is an example of this. It has a flexible and curved OLED display with a size of just over a thumb. The peculiar design should not suggest that it lacks functionality: the wearable is to all intents and purposes a smart band ideal for those who want to keep track of their vital parameters such as heart rate.

The Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch Features and Functionality

The design is very reminiscent of a normal activity tracker, but in fact the screen is completely curved. The design also forced Huawei to choose a 220mAh curved battery that provides a battery life of about a week.

As for the rest of the features, we are for all intents and purposes facing a device designed specifically for sports and health lovers. Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch is able to monitor your heartbeat, has an Sp02 sensor for blood saturation and is also able to monitor your sleep. It is also able to monitor a person's physical activity, tracking workouts and calories burned.

Also available are different watch faces to customize your watch. In addition, you can synchronize the wearable with your smartphone to receive app notifications.

Price Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch

As it often happens with Xiaomi's innovative projects, the smart band is on sale on Youpin, a crowdfunding platform used to launch this kind of products. The price set is 999 yuan, at the current exchange rate just over 120 euros.