Xiaomi launches the world’s fastest charger

The world's fastest charger hits the market: Xiaomi launches 80W Mi Wireless Charging Technology, to charge your smartphone 100% in just 40 minutes

The world's fastest charger debuts on the market today. Xiaomi is launching it and according to Xiaomi Lab, the new model of this small but indispensable accessory has all the credentials to stand out among its competitors with wireless charging technology.

With this advanced charger, named 80W Mi Wireless Charging Technology, the Chinese giant aims to revolutionize the phone market, promising charging times so short that it will challenge - and according to data released by Xiaomi Lab, even beat - the top of the range devices currently on sale. The new product of the Beijing company is not, however, the first to be able to boast flash recharges. In fact, it was only last August that the Mi 10 Ultra smartphone became the first in the world to feature 120W wired charging and 50W and just 40 minutes to get the 4,200mAh battery from 1% to 100% wirelessly.

Xiaomi: new charger features

To be the world's fastest, Xiaomi has aimed to beat its previous records set just a year ago with the 30W Mi Wireless Charging Technology. The latest generation charger claims to be able to recharge a 4,000mAh battery to 10% in just one minute.

The comparison is especially noticeable on the other charging steps: if the previous one was able to reach 50% in 25 minutes, the new one can reach the same percentage in just 8 minutes. The old charger needed 69 minutes, 50 more than the new one which should be able to do it in just 19 minutes.

Xiaomi and the fastest charger: focus on the battery

Extreme speed does not mean, at least for Xiaomi, having to risk seeing the battery life of your smartphone drastically reduced. In fact, Xiaomi has often said that it pays great attention to this aspect of its smartphones and has made technological choices that safeguard the integrity of the battery over time, recharging after recharging.

Xiaomi, in one year the rise of the fast chargers

In just one year Xiaomi has managed to put three different chargers on the market, each with different and increasingly faster features. Just last March, Xiaomi Lab released the first one with 40W wireless charging capabilities, which was beaten in August by the 50W version paired with the Mi 10 Ultra. Today, less than two months later, here pops up the latest 80W specimen that, given the trends, could just be the last in a long line.