Xiaomi Magic changes the way you listen to music

Xiaomi has unveiled a novelty that had gone unnoticed. It's Xiaomi Magic and it's potentially revolutionary: here's how it works

While last August 10 during the Xiaomi presentation the main hardware novelties were making noise, the crazy Xiaomi Mix 4, the Xiaomi Sound speaker and the Xiaomi Pad 5 tablets, at least another novelty passed almost in silence, not hardware but software, so potentially within the reach of all those who use a Xiaomi.

This is Xiaomi Magic, a "magic" function that basically integrates system-wide music streaming. A bit like what has been happening for some time with the sharing of various music apps, such as Spotify, which allow you to listen to the songs or podcasts playing through smart speakers connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The principle of Xiaomi Magic is the same because it uses Wi-Fi, but what's different are the circumstances in which the system designed by Xiaomi is useful, as it not only connects the sound source and the speaker but also the playback devices themselves.

Xiaomi Magic, what it's for

Xiaomi Magic can make any type of gadget communicate indistinctly: sources such as smartphones or tablets, and playback devices, such as speakers or headphones, which once connected to the same Wi-Fi network can share the audio file to be played.

In this way, with Xiaomi Magic, you can "build" a listening system composed of two speakers, obtaining the stereo effect, but also by several playback systems up to a maximum of eight to have, for example, the same track in several distinct environments, such as different rooms covered by the same Wi-Fi network.

Xiaomi Magic, how it works

Xiaomi Magic is not based on Bluetooth technology, which in addition to the disadvantage of the reduced range would have that of the disturbance to the playback with a notification or interruption of the same when a call comes in, nor on the recent technology Ultra Wide Band, present on all products presented during the same event of Xiaomi Magic.

As mentioned it is based on Wi-Fi, which allows greater range and freedom to communicate with each other a large number of devices. Since Xiaomi Magic is system-wide integrated, a new on-screen button will appear on products that support Xiaomi's new standard, allowing you to choose which device to start playback from among those recognized by Xiaomi Magic.

At that point, a tap on the device in the list - a speaker or a pair of headphones - will be enough to transfer playback from one to the other as if by magic. Xiaomi showed how the button dedicated to Magic appears both in the Control Center of the MIUI interface and in the notification that appears on the lock screen with a track playing.

Xiaomi Magic, when it arrives

Xiaomi Magic for the moment is a novelty intended for the Chinese market, but sooner or later it could arrive in Europe too. However at the moment it would be little exploitable because it is only available on the Xiaomi Mix 4, Xiaomi Sound and Xiaomi Pad 5.