Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro avrà due batterie e ricarica ultra veloce

Come sarà Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro? Una delle novità potrebbe essere la batteria, con tecnologia "dual-cell" che permette ricariche ultra fast.

Xiaomi Mi 11 deve ancora arrivare in Italia, ma a quanto pare manca ormai veramente poco, e già si guarda alla sua versione Pro. Che difficilmente potrà essere più potente, visto che già Mi 11 ha un SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, ma potrà avere più RAM e una batteria innovativa con ricarica velocissima.

Non stiamo parlando della tecnologia Mi Air Charge, appena presentata da Xiaomi ma ancora allo stadio di concept, bensì di una batteria “dual-cell" che potrebbe abilitare velocità di ricarica elevatissime. The now well-known leaker Digital Chat Station is convinced of this, according to which the battery of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro will be only slightly larger than that of Mi 11 but much faster in charging thanks to the configuration "dual", a technology inherited from electric cars. Here's how it works.

What are dual-cell batteries

The name already explains it all: a dual-cell battery consists of two cells instead of one. The total capacity of the battery, which in the case of Mi 11 Pro should touch 5,000 mAh (compared to 4,600 mAh of the normal Mi 11), is divided into two elements connected in parallel.

This solution complicates things a bit from the engineering point of view, because you have to find the space to arrange the two elements and electrical connections, but allows you to charge two batteries together at full power. Theoretically, then, the charging speed could double.

How fast will the Mi 11 Pro charge

Between theory and practice, though, there's always a big gap. The current regular Mi 11 charges at 67 watts when plugged into the USB cable and 50 watts wirelessly. It's very unlikely that the Mi 11 Pro will reach 200 Watts in wired charging, as some rumors say, but the 120 Watt hypothesis becomes technically credible with the dual-cell battery.

Wireless charging, on the other hand, should stop at 80 Watts. Which is a lot, if we consider that the iPhone 12 resting on the MagSafe mat charges at 15 Watts. Of course, however, to charge the Mi 11 Pro to such high powers will need a special charger that, we remind you, will not be included in the sales package.