Xiaomi Mi 12 arrives in December with the most powerful chip

It wouldn't be long until the unveiling of the Xiaomi Mi 12, China's top-of-the-line smartphone that could accompany Qualcomm's Snapdragon 898 for its debut.

Some, especially those who with the smartphone carry out operations averagely demanding for the hardware, have attributed poor efficiency to Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888, the top of the range chip for 2021: it is certainly powerful, but it is said to heat, heat a lot especially in summer, where in many parts of Italy the weather does not help man nor technology.

The expectations of enthusiasts are therefore focused towards the successor, the Snapdragon 898 that is believed to be presented by the end of the year just as happened in 2020 with the Snapdragon 888, and always by the end of the year is likely to be announced also the first smartphone to employ the new flagship of Qualcomm. There is a good chance that this is the Xiaomi Mi 12. This is suggested by the most recent rumors, which also set the possible period of presentation: mid-December. Then Xiaomi Mi 12 would not be available until January, as was the case with Mi 11, but for companies is an important signal to announce before others a product with a chip traditionally highly anticipated as the top of the range Qualcomm.

Xiaomi Mi 12, the first with Snapdragon 898

The indiscretion on the first product with the next Snapdragon comes from the well-known Chinese informant Digital Chat Station, according to which it will most likely be a Xiaomi intended to debut in mid-December. The leaker did not name the Xiaomi Mi 12, but reading between the lines in this case is simple.

In 2020, in fact, the script was the same. Qualcomm officialized the Snapdragon 888 and from Beijing presented, on December 28, the Xiaomi Mi 11. After all, what other top-of-the-line smartphone could Xiaomi present? Filed the practice Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, presented in recent days, there are no other high-end smartphone waiting to be made official, net of any surprises.

So it is easy to come to the conclusion that, if Digital Chat Station was right, the smartphone in question would be Xiaomi Mi 12, on which some information has already arrived.

Mi 12 with low-power display and fast charging

Between the most important news seems to concern the display, which will remain OLED but will be of LTPO type, technology that saves good "shares" of energy (thus increasing the autonomy) for the same yield of the panel.

The variable refresh rate up to 120 Hz is also expected, allowing to cut down to 1 Hz the frequency when you don't need the screen to refresh more quickly, as on fixed screens, consuming very little, and to go up to 120 Hz (or intermediate frequencies) when you need to have the maximum fluidity, such as opening a shooter or a game with fast action.

The remaining rumors concern the battery charging. Some say that wireless charging could reach 100 watts, but others point to the fact that new safety regulations in China force manufacturers not to go beyond 50 watts. So the Xiaomi Mi 11 could meet the limit and "compensate" with wired fast charging at 120 watts.