Xiaomi Mi Band 5, official specifications: voice commands and contactless payments

The Mi Band 5 is the protagonist of new rumors that confirm the characteristics of the device: larger screen and NFC support

It is now less than a week to the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, set by the Chinese company for June 11. As it happens for every product, when we approach the launch increase rumors about possible features and launch price. This time the rumors have been published by a Chinese user on Weibo, a social network widely used in China, and they talk about all the new features that will be present on the wearable.

In most cases, these are news that have already come out in previous weeks and that do nothing but confirm what we already knew: the Mi Band 5 will be a very interesting activity tracker and a must have for those looking for an inexpensive device to keep track of vital signs and workouts. According to the latest rumors, in fact, the number of sports supported by the Mi Band 5 will be much higher than in the past, thanks to many activities to do outdoors. Interesting news also with regard to the heart rate sensor that is now able to measure blood saturation as well.

Mi Band 5, the features of the activity tracker

The rumors appeared in China help to outline the features of the Mi Band 5. Much was already known: the screen of the activity tracker will be larger (1.2 inches) and fully in color, with thinner bezels that will allow not having to increase the size of the device. Confirmed the support for Alexa: through the voice assistant it will be possible to give orders to the other devices of the smart home. Also present is the sensor to monitor the presence of oxygen in the blood, as well as the heartbeat.

The most important news, however, concerns the presence of NFC, the technology that allows contactless payments. Initially, NFC was only expected on the version coming to China, however, now it seems that it will also be available in Europe, although there is no confirmation from Xiaomi.

Price and release date Mi Band 5

The presentation set for June 11, while the launch is scheduled for the following days, at least in China. For the launch in Europe will have to wait until the summer. Doubts about the price of the Mi Band 5: the presence of new features and functionalities could increase the price of about ten euros.