Xiaomi Mi Band 5 ready to arrive with many new features: what are

Xiaomi is not just smartphones: the Chinese giant in recent years has shown to be able to build a bit 'of everything, starting with activity trackers, now increasingly present on the wrists of the Italians. Now Xiaomi seems to be ready to launch the Mi Band 5, the new smart band that should be presented in China in June and arrive in Italy by summer. This is a very anticipated device, also thanks to a price that is unlikely to exceed 40 euros.

In recent days there are several rumors about the Mi Band 5, a sign that the presentation is now coming. The Chinese company is preparing several novelties, starting with the screen of the activity tracker. The design should remain the same, but with a color display that covers the entire surface of the device. A real novelty for the Mi Band, which in this way would become more and more similar to a smartwatch. The other novelty concerns the integration of the PAI system, already present on Amazfit smartwatches, which allows you to keep track of your health.

How will the Xiaomi Mi Band 5

The design of the Mi Band 5 should remain identical to that of previous models, so as to be compatible with the strap. What will change, however, will be the screen. An image of a purported Mi Band 5 with the display on has appeared on Twitter, and you can clearly see that it covers the entire available space, and not just the middle part as in last year's model. This allows users to keep an eye on a higher number of vital parameters, including the heartbeat.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5, the features

Another rumor appeared in recent hours online, however, announces the arrival of the PAI function also on the activity trackers of the Chinese company. What is it all about? PAI stands for Personal Activity Intelligence and is a system that analyzes various vital parameters and suggests to the user if he should do physical activity. The feature was so far only available for Amazfit smartwatches, but now it should arrive on smart bands, starting right from the Mi Band 5.

When the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 comes out

The presentation of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is expected in China for the month of June, although for the moment there is no certain date. For the market release in Europe, however, we will have to wait a few more months, perhaps towards the end of the summer. The price should be around 35 euros.