Xiaomi Mi Band 5 unveiled: here are the features

Xiaomi is ready to launch the Mi Band 5 and the new Mi Band 4C. Here are the features, price and possible release date

From the NCC certification body in Taiwan come the first technical specifications of the new smartband of Xiaomi, the Mi Band 5, while from the site of Indonesia Telecom comes the news that the Redmi Band already sold in China will arrive on the international market under the name of Mi Smart Band 4C. Two highly anticipated products, then, are about to hit the market.

The Mi Band 5 has been spotted with the code XMSH10HM, while the previous Mi Band 4C was registered as XMSH07HM and the Mi Band 3 as XMSH05HM. So there is no official name, but the Mi Band 5 is long overdue. Speaking of launch: there is no official date yet, neither for the Mi Band 5 nor for the Mi Smart Band 4C, but registration with certification bodies usually follows the official presentation of products by a few weeks. It is therefore reasonable to think that it will not be many months before we can buy these two smart bands in Europe as well.

Mi Band 5: technical specifications

The novelties of Xiaomi's Mi Band 5, compared to the previous Mi Band 4, will be mainly two: a slightly larger display and NFC connection. That is, the only two things that could be improved on the previous smart band, which otherwise has great features at a great price. To be precise, the new Mi Band 5 will have a 1.2-inch display, compared to 0.95 inches of the Mi Band 4, also in OLED technology. On NFC, however, there is little to add: it is a feature required by many, especially for contactless payments.

Mi Band 4C: technical characteristics

The Mi Band 4C, codenamed HMSH01GE, will be a rebranded Redmi Band. And so it will have the same technical features: 1.08-inch TFT screen, USB-A connection (inside one of the ends of the strap) and battery that can keep the device on for 14 days. It can track sports activities via 5 predefined programs, count steps, calories and monitor sleep. It's also waterproof up to 5 atmospheres, so we can keep it on our wrist even while swimming. Best of all, the Redmi Band has an incredible price: only 30 euros.