Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 full-screen with retractable camera

Xiaomi inspired by the Vivo Nex phone is thinking about putting a retractable camera on its new smartphone, the Mi Mix 3, this is how it will look like

The notch, i.e. the notch on the top of the screen, is the big news introduced by iPhone X that in a few months has become a trend on many smartphones. Soon the new trend could be the retractable front camera, which we will also see on the new Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. 

In China, some images of the new smartphone from Xiaomi, among the most anticipated of the second half of 2018, have appeared. The retractable camera on Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will be the front-facing one, a bit like we have already seen on the Vivo Nex S phone. Apart from this interesting novelty, the design of the Xiaomi smartphone should not be too revolutionized compared to the previous version, the Mi Mix 2. But why the choice to put the front camera in a retractable housing? Simple, because this way you can have a full-screen smartphone that improves the final experience of the user who can best view notifications, videos, photos and applications without any kind of frame. Obviously then when we need the camera this will come out by climbing slightly on the top edge of the device.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: technical characteristics

For the rest, the design of the new Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 presents a dual rear camera "classic", that is, not retractable, with LED Flash. The phone has no physical buttons, other than volume and power button on the side edges, nor bezels. The corners are very rounded to allow a grip as ergonomic as possible. The frame will be a mix of glass and metal on the side edges. The retractable camera is very similar to that of the Vivo Nex S, with the sensor placed inside a small housing at the top that we can pop out if we need to use the camera. At the moment the first rumors also speak of a fingerprint sensor hidden under the screen.

For the moment these are only renderings and then predictions made by sources close to the Chinese company, but it is very likely that Xioami to make the most of the full-screen aspect of their smartphone decides to eliminate the camera from the external design to insert it into a hidden housing inside the device.