Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is already a success

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 was highly anticipated. and after a long series of rumors it became official with its under-display camera: the first figures of success

Evidently Xiaomi knew that the return to a new generation of the most innovative line of the smartphone offer, with Mi Mix 4, would not leave fans indifferent, and maybe that's why it decided not to distribute it outside of China, at least at first.

The success of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 was predictable and expected by many, but seeing in the numbers that a prediction is fully respected and in a sense even exceeds expectations always makes a certain effect. Xiaomi's first smartphone with an under-screen camera sold out within minutes of the start of pre-sales. Although the company had not announced how many units were intended for pre-sales, the fourth generation of the line seems to have been a great success, partly certified by the number of reservations received in a few hours, which are more than 520,000, a number that also represents a record for the Beijing company.

The genesis of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 starts from afar

In short, it is clear that Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is already a record smartphone. And it couldn't be otherwise for a line launched in 2016 that immediately enjoyed a lot of success both in China and outside, and which lacked a product that held the flag high since November 2018. Since then, Mi Mix 3 has been, for quite some time, the latest smartphone in a much-loved line, which only showed signs of not being destined to fill little more than a paragraph in the tech history books.

In early 2021, in fact, the first less smoky hints arrived that something from around Beijing was moving, and the first "weighty" informants shared information about what the smartphone of the return to innovation might look like. In other words, from the beginning of the year and for the following weeks it seemed that finally something was moving in earnest, after years of waiting for a new exponent of a range that fascinates technology enthusiasts.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, a concentrate of power

Until August 10, 2021, when Xiaomi in the usual streaming event due to the pandemic from Covid-19 made official Mi Mix 4, a product that has all the credentials to carry high the flag Mi Mix but also that Xiaomi. It looks like a top of the range from any angle you look at it: there is the latest and most powerful chip produced by Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 888 Plus, then an octa core 2.99 GHz, up to 12 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of storage space also very fast, UFS 3.1 type.

There is then a large display, 6.67 inches, an OLED Full HD + from a billion colors at 120 Hz with Dolby Vision, which integrates both the fingerprint reader (innovation to which we are accustomed for a few years) and the camera for selfies from 20 megapixels, and this instead is an innovation for the technological landscape (for the moment the only rival is ZTE Axon 30). At the rear of cameras there are three: the main 108 MP, the telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom 8 MP and the ultra wide-angle 13 MP.

The battery is 4,500 mAh with 120 watt wired fast charging (zero to 100% in a quarter of an hour), while prices in China start from the equivalent of just over 650 euros. Marketing in Europe shouldn't be in question, but no word yet.