Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will be the most expensive Xiaomi smartphone of all

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is in development with an under-screen camera. The innovation, however, will come at a cost, according to some much higher than you would expect

At one point it seemed that the Xiaomi Mi Mix range was definitely dead, that the volcanic Chinese company had abandoned it to cultivate new projects. In fact, the last smartphone dates back to November 2018, and at some point even the rumors, which are usually friends of tech enthusiasts, stopped talking about the Mi Mix range.

In short, it seemed that Xiaomi's boldest family would be shelved, and instead the company surprised once again. Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is going to happen, and in a big way. As we have told you several times in recent weeks in fact Xiaomi is planning to present Mi Mix 4, bringing back a range that in the past has given much satisfaction. He wants to do it big though, and after a break of almost three years is also right. So Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will arrive soon, some say as early as next month, with a novelty that will steal the sleep of fans and eyes to all others: the camera under the display.

The effort of Xiaomi for Mi Mix 4

The products of the range Xiaomi Mi Mix have distinguished themselves from the beginning by an exasperated search for the surface area ratio of the screen, then on the reduction of bezels, notches and appendages of various kinds that could take away space from the display. So what better debut for a solution that promises to maximize the useful frontal area if not on Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, the fourth exponent of a range that has always "fought" to give the display the space it deserves?

Xiaomi has worked hard to smooth out the current criticalities of the under-screen camera: last September's ZTE Axon 20 demonstrated that the technology is still quite young and immature, so Xiaomi has worked hard to avoid sending to market a product with the same criticalities already seen on the competition, such as selfies that are not up to the quality of current products due to the Axon 20's display's insufficient permeability to light.

Work and investments are synonymous, an expense item the latter that companies must recover through sales. Thus, anticipate the rumors, Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will not be a smartphone at a good price, indeed: some speculate that it may be the most expensive traditional smartphone in the range, "pill" that Xiaomi would like to sugarcoat with a top-level technical equipment and the latest chip Snapdragon 888 Plus from Qualcomm.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4? Mi 11 Ultra in comparison will be cheap!

Although the information around Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is still rather scarce, in China there are already those who have unbalanced the price of the next Chinese top of the range. Rumor has it that Mi Mix 4 could be offered at 5,999 yuan, at current exchange rate about 780 euros, which would make it the most expensive smartphone in the company's homeland, even more than Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (which costs 1,399 euros in the only available configuration with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage space).

So no need to expect a list "kind", we must prepare for the launch which, however, should not miss much.