Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will have super-powerful charging

Xiaomi's Mi Mix range could soon have a successor, which would arrive in style: Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is aiming for super-powerful fast charging.

Xiaomi's Mi Mix range has been stuck in its third generation for almost three years. If we exclude Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold which is part of another strand, that of the foldable, the last smartphone so to speak traditional is the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 of November 2018, after which there were several rumors about the possibility that a successor would arrive without ever, however, materialize.

Judging by some elements emerged recently however, the Mi Mix range could soon have the long-awaited successor, which to hear rumors would arrive in style. The first item comes from a leaker - DCS - very popular on Weibo, the equivalent of Facebook in China, who claims that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is ready and is getting the certifications required by Chinese authorities. Another source recently went on record saying that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 would already get network certification, adding that Xiaomi's top device would have the fastest fast charging ever.

The record chased by Xiaomi with Mi Mix 4

On the wireless charging front according to rumors on the net Xiaomi would also have the technical chances to set a power record, except that last February China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a provision that wireless charging must remain below 50 watts for safety reasons.

It's rumored that Xiaomi on the Mi Mix 4 would like to and could offer 70-watt wireless charging - which would set a new record - but at Xiaomi HQ they would be reasoning about the feasibility of such a possibility in light of the government regulations. If there are no openings then it would remain limited to 50 watts, which would not represent a record but would be a respectable power to charge the smartphone quickly and comfortably.

It would instead have ample room for maneuver on the issue of wired fast charging, and Xiaomi seems intent on exploiting them fully. It is said that the company would be ready with Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 to break every existing record, providing the smartphone with the most powerful fast charging ever proposed.

Some rumors claim that it would aim at the threshold of 200 watts, others - probably more realistic - that the wired fast charging of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 would not exceed 120 watts of power. The fact is that Xiaomi itself is working on a 200-watt ultra fast charger.

Super fast charging but just as safe

It would not be a technical issue or related to the safety of the process if Xiaomi did not reach 200 watts, since the well-informed claim that the engineers of the company involved in the project would have thought of a security system focused on four macro-areas: charging temperature, voltage, current and protocol, for a total of over 40 measures that are responsible for ensuring the safety of a process so fast and potentially risky.

Finally, the background of Xiaomi's Mi Mix range, which has always focused on extreme solutions from a screen maximization point of view, suggests that an under-screen front-facing camera could debut on the Mi Mix 4, with a different solution than the revised one adopted by ZTE on the Axon 20 5G, which is more complex but also more likely to deliver good quality shots.