Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, the low-cost device that makes your TV smart

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is a device that connects to your TV and makes it smart. Here are the features, how much it costs and where to buy it

Not everyone can afford to buy a new smart TV and that's why there are some very cheap devices capable of making a TV smart. Google Chromecast and the Amazon Fire TV Stick are among the most famous examples. Now these devices are joined by another equally cheap one: the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. Launched a few days ago by the Chinese company, it allows in a few seconds to access many smart features thanks to the Android TV operating system installed inside.

The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick can be equated to a small computer that connects to the TV via the HDMI port. Once recognized by the TV you access the device screen and can start installing apps (Google Play Store is present) such as Amazon Prime Video, Twitch, YouTube and even video games. Netflix is present by default. The Mi TV Stick is quite small in size: little bigger than a USB stick, it is convenient and easy to use. In addition, it is a Google-recognized product and also integrates Google Assistant to control it via voice commands.

The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick features

In the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick package, in addition to the smart stick, there is also a remote control that allows you to access the device's management interface where you can install apps.

Aboard the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is the Android TV 9.0 operating system that allows you to install apps directly from the Google Play Store. The processor is a quad-core Cortex-A53 up to 2.0GHz. The RAM is 1GB, while the internal memory is 8GB. It has support for Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity and Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wing. The maximum resolution supported is FullHD.

The stick also integrates Google Assistant that can be activated via voice command or by pressing a button on the remote.

Price Mi TV Stick

The price of the Mi TV Stick is around 60 euros and can be purchased online on several e-commerce sites.