Xiaomi, MIUI 11.1 arrives: what’s new and which smartphones will receive it

MIUI 11.1, the latest update of the user interface of Xiaomi smartphones, arrives: here are the new features

There are already many Xiaomi smartphones that integrate MIUI 11. But the Chinese company does not stop and is already thinking about the next version of the user interface, MIUI 11.1. The novelties are many and involve several smartphones. Among the functions proposed by the system there are some really very interesting.

The power saving mode becomes more efficient than before, because it minimizes consumption and turns off unused functions of the smartphone thus allowing the battery to survive longer. The feature was already present in MIUI 11 but now it has been greatly improved. Not to mention that the system also features improvements to the App Lock and camera software, in which new modes for taking photos and videos are introduced. In short, the novelties that will involve Xiaomi devices are really a lot. Here are some details and all the smartphones that will receive them.

Xiaomi: all the news of MIUI 11.1

MIUI is the user interface developed by Xiaomi and based on Android. The MIUI 11.1 version supports Android 10 and offers a number of new features compared to the previous version of the system, MIUI 11.

First, it improves the efficiency of power saving. Now the power consumption is even more reduced, because the system can better select which apps to pause while they are active in the background. In addition to this, users will also find Vlog, a feature that allows users to edit photos and manage other advanced camera settings, such as exposure.

The display is among the components where MIUI 11.1 has the biggest impact: with the new system you can adjust the color and customize other parameters, including contrast and saturation. The aesthetics of the display will also be improved for the App Lock, which now has a transparent background. Those who want to personalize their smartphone to the max will be able to choose a photo to show when Always on Display mode is active.

Less distractions and a focus on Health

In the new version of MIUI will feature Focus mode, perfect for those who don't want to be disturbed during a business meeting or other activity. This feature will pause all applications and any notifications: the user in this way can stay focused on what he's doing without having any kind of distraction from the phone. While Focus mode is active, it will only be possible to make emergency calls or take pictures.

Finally, Xiaomi also introduces a solution found in modern smartwatches: Bedtime is the app that you can activate before going to sleep. This function calculates the hours of sleep, and it is very useful to analyze your rhythms in the long run. The well-being of the body can also be kept under control thanks to some default apps, such as Health that will provide some parameters about the user's health. There is still little information about the latter.

Which smartphones will receive MIUI 11.1?

The new operating system will arrive in the coming weeks on several Xiaomi and RedMi devices. Waiting for some confirmations, the list of smartphones with MIUI 11.1 is as follows. First of all, it will be integrated onXiaomi Mi 9, Xiaomi Mi 8, 8 Explorer Edition and 8 Pro; on Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s and 3; Xiaomi Mi 9 SE and 9 Lite.

In addition, we will also find it on Redmi Note 7 and 7 Pro, and finally on Redmi Note 8 and 8 Pro.