Xiaomi prepares another low cost top of the range

Xiaomi prepares yet another low cost top of the range: the rumors coming from China bode well for a product that would offer a lot for little

Almost not a day goes by without an indiscretion about a new Xiaomi. The company has an incredibly wide range of products, and there is something for everyone: extremely cheap smartphones or high performance such as Mi 11 Ultra 5G, or products that focus on balance, such as the Mi 11i.

Xiaomi, we all know it a bit now, is a company engaged on several fronts and extremely volcanic in its proposals. It believes in the philosophy of the right product for the right customer, and perhaps that's why its product range is so wide: it's almost impossible to browse through the company's catalog without finding a smartphone suitable to meet the most diverse needs, but most of the products in the range are united by a single common thread, value for money. Xiaomi succeeds extremely well in the low-cost top of the range, which can be considered the specialty of the house.

Top chips, for a price "low" 

And low-cost top of the range there would be another in development. To provide indications in this sense is the informant Digital Chat Station, which through its Weibo profile has shared some details about one of the smartphones that Xiaomi would have in the pipeline. The rumors agree that it should be the successor to the Redmi K40, of which it would represent a revision rather than a new model.

Both Redmi K40 and the mysterious smartphone of which Digital Chat Station has spoken are based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 870, a high-performance chip derived from previous models of the American leader (it is basically a Snapdragon 865 + further enhanced) that has on its side also a fairly affordable price for manufacturers, and this means that the smartphones on which it is used can cost reasonable amounts.

But, above all, the Snapdragon 870 has a major manufacturing advantage: it is made with 7nm technology, which compared to the 5nm technology used for example by the latest Snapdragon 888 is less complex to handle. So it suffers less from the now famous "chip crisis".

A chip of this type is therefore perfectly in line with the philosophy of Xiaomi: quality products, always high performance in relation to the reference segment and very often high in absolute level and prices accessible to everyone. Will fall fully within this philosophy then the mysterious smartphone that would be in development at the headquarters Xiaomi, which among other things should come with a large OLED display 6.7 inches with Full HD + resolution (1,080 x 2,400 pixels) and refresh rate at 120 Hz. 8 or 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of maximum storage.

Three cameras and ample battery

On the camera front - a hot topic among tech enthusiasts - there would be three plus the front one for selfies, with the main one expected to be 50 megapixels. The battery will be capacious as per Xiaomi tradition and as all enthusiasts like: 5,000 mAh, a capacity sufficient to get through the day and in several cases even beyond, but should the need arise the mysterious Xiaomi would have from his wired fast charging at 67 watts.

No information yet on the possible period of presentation and even on prices, but on this last aspect there are few doubts that the company will do everything to offer fans a low cost top of the range.