Xiaomi, ready 15 new smartphones for 2020: what are they

Xiaomi is ready to launch as many as 15 low-cost smartphones by the end of 2020. Here are the models and the price

The coronavirus would not have changed much the plans of the group Xiaomi/Redmi, indeed: according to news leaked on Twitter by the Russian leaker Xiaomishka, in fact, would be even 15 devices of the two brands coming by the end of 2020.

We do not have the names yet, but only the internal codes with which they were registered in the databases of the group or at the regulatory entri, from which you have to pass for international certifications. Of many of these codes, however, Xiaomishka assumes the trade name and of a group of them is even certain of the correspondence. Among the 15 smartphones there are both low-cost and top-of-the-line devices and even some models that will be sold under the POCO brand, dedicated to younger people. Some devices were already expected on the international market.

New Xiaomi/Redmi/POCO smartphones: what are they

Here is the list of codes of the new smartphones of the Xiaomi group coming in 2020, which are more than 15 because they include all memory variants of each model:

M2003J6AE, M2003J6A2G, M2003J6CI, M2004J7AE/M2004J7AG/M2004J7AC, M2004J7BE/M2004J7BG/M2004J7BC/M2004J7BI, M2004J19AG, M2004J19G/M2004J19C, M2004J19PI, M2006C3LVG/M2006C3LVY, M2006C3LC/M2006C3LG, M2006C3MNY, M2006C3MG/M2006C3MI/M2006C3MII, M2006J20I/M2006J20Y/M2006J20G, M2006J21I/M2006J21S/M2006J21Y, M2007J1SC.

M2004J1G refers to the POCO F2, rebranding of the Redmi K30 Pro . M2003J6AE could correspond to the Redmi Note 9, while M2003J6A2G could be the Redmi 9 destined for Europe. M2003J6CI is a new POCO device intended for the Indian market. The three M2004J7AE/M2004J7AG/M2004J7AC could be the Redmi Note 10 while M2004J7BE/M2004J7BG/M2004J7BC/M2004J7BI could be the Redmi Note 10 Pro. M2004J19PI is another India-specific device, possibly still POCO-branded.

The upcoming low-cost Xiaomi

Selecting only the low-cost device codes, however, M2006C3LVG/M2006C3LVY, M2006C3LC/M2006C3LG and M2006C3MNY, M2006C3MG/M2006C3MI/M2006C3MII correspond to different variants of the Redmi 9A, according to Xiaomishka.

The next Mi CC and Mi MIX smartphones

Finally, again according to the Russian leaker, behind the acronyms M2006J20I/M2006J20Y/M2006J20G, M2006J21I/M2006J21S/M2006J21Y and M2007J1SC are hiding the next Xiaomi Mi CC10 and Mi MIX devices.