Xiaomi smartphones, MIUI 11 coming: what’s new

The new MIUI 1 interface is expected to debut soon on Xiaomi smartphones. Among the novelties a new set of icons and dark mode

The launch of the new version of the MIUI interface is approaching, or so it seems according to the various rumors that have been chasing each other online for a few months. Xiaomi has been working on the new user interface for some time, defined by the Chinese giant as a new unique operating system that will bring with it a series of new features.

For now, a possible official release date of the new interface has not yet been made known, nor has a presentation conference been called. But there are many who think that the new MIUI 11 will debut as soon as possible and, in particular, on the upcoming new Redmi Note 8 range, officially expected on August 29. The developers of the Chinese company have focused mainly on the user experience, to make the use of the device even more immediate and faster.

MIUI 11: the new features

As stated by Xiaomi's Product Director and Experience Chief, the most important news concerns the adoption of a new set of completely redesigned icons that will debut on MIUI 11. The new interface will introduce a new smart power saving mode, which will allow users to "turn off" all device features except for incoming calls and messages. However, the user will be able to adapt it to their needs and choose which applications to keep running.

Night mode may also debut, especially with a view to greater energy savings by the smartphone. The dark mode has become a fundamental requirement for smartphones, and it will also make its debut on Android 10 Q, iOS 13 and EMUI 10.

MIUI 11: stop advertisements

The new Xiaomi interface will also allow the elimination of advertisements thanks to a new system that will allow you to disable them completely. Finally, MIUI 11 will automatically delete screenshots after they've been shared, it will feature a voice translator and numerous applications will be able to support the new dark mode built into the smartphone.