Xiaomi, the next step is the 4K smartphone

The rumors are sure: in the future of Xiaomi there is a smartphone with a display with an amazing resolution, well 4K Ultra HD

An android smartphone produced by Xiaomi, with 4K screen, has appeared on TENAA. Usually when a smartphone goes through TENAA it is rarely an exercise, a prototype in short: TENAA is a Chinese body that deals with certifying telecommunications devices - such as smartphones - before they reach the market. All products that can hook the network infrastructure must be certified.

The curious aspect is that the smartphone is equipped with a display with a frightening resolution for a smartphone, that is 4K. The curious aspect is that the smartphone is equipped with a display with a frightening resolution for a smartphone, that is 4K.

It would not be the first in absolute since Sony has already in range for some years a smartphone so, but Xiaomi would be almost the only "big" technology to have a similar product, and the fact would give further strength to the innovative spirit that the Beijing company has shown recently. Xiaomi, for example, is one of the few manufacturers to have in its range a smartphone with a camera under the screen, and one of the very first to have enhanced wired charging up to 120 watts.

The many information reported by the rumors

Innovation would then now move on the screen resolution, with the aim of offering the best of technology to the many fans around the world. Of the mysterious smartphone in question - according to rumors it could be Xiaomi CC11 Pro, which should also be called Xiaomi Civi - we already know a lot, the data shared by TENAA are many.

There are the project number, 2109119BC, the 6.55-inch diagonal display of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels then 4K Ultra HD, of course with OLED technology, up to 16 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of internal memory and the battery of 4,400 mAh. Perhaps it is precisely this last aspect, on paper, to worry the most: a panel with such a high resolution needs a lot of power, and the power you know, is not a friend of consumption.

The higher the "effort" that the components will make to update the images shown by the display of the smartphone 4K Xiaomi, intuitively greater will be the demands of energy to the battery, and in this perspective the 4,400 mAh could be very few. Unless Xiaomi equips the smartphone's software with a system that activates the 4K Ultra HD resolution only when necessary, keeping the phone most of the time at a lower resolution like Full HD, so as not to stress the battery too much and mortify the autonomy.

It won't lack a super-powerful chip

The TENAA report gives another piece of information that means a lot and nothing at the same time. Xiaomi's 4K smartphone will be equipped with an octa-core chip: it means little because today almost all products have an octa-core chip, even the low-end ones, but it means a lot at the same time because with a screen with such a high resolution it will almost certainly be a very powerful chip, like the Snapdragon 888+ or the Snapdragon 898 that Qualcomm will make for 2022.

In this scenario it will become even more crucial to understand if there will be an algorithm that will reduce the screen resolution when 4K Ultra HD is not needed.