Xiaomi, the smartphone from the future with built-in headphones

Xiaomi has patented a smartphone that hides a pair of wireless headphones inside. Here's how it's done

Xiaomi has accustomed us in recent years to rather innovative solutions in the smartphone sector. It has gone through very special concept phones such as the Xiaomi Mi Alpha that still does not see the light and that has the characteristic of having a single display that embraces both the front and back, up to smartphones like the Mi Mix 3 that have a slider opening that hides the two front cameras.

The news, however, may not end there. Dutch magazine Let's Go Digital has published some images of a truly revolutionary Xiaomi smartphone. The renderings are the result of information present on a patent that the Chinese company has obtained in previous weeks from WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Office. Why has the smartphone captured so much attention of technology experts? Very simple, because it is the first device to integrate inside the headphones.

How is the Xiaomi smartphone of the future

If having headphones with you all the time can be annoying, with the risk of losing them at any moment, Xiaomi has found a revolutionary solution: insert them inside the smartphone. The patents obtained by the Chinese company show a concept phone that in the upper part has two holes: the housing to hide the true wireless headphones in the body of the device.

The technological "devilry" of this device does not end here: in fact, the front camera is hidden under the screen. A novelty that we will see soon on many devices, but we will still have to wait a couple of months.

The headphones are very special: in fact they do not work only in wireless mode, but once placed in the body become the speakers to be used in hands-free.

When it will be launched on the smartphone

As happens for all patents, the chances that this device will be launched on the market are few. At least in the short term. Xiaomi would have to figure out if such a smartphone is really feasible and how to protect the device from water seepage when the headphones are not in their slot.