Xiaomi working on three innovative smartphones

Three innovative new smartphones from Xiaomi's Mi Mix series are on the way: they will all have a different form factor.

Theories that see Xiaomi working on its first foldable smartphone could soon materialize in a real device. In fact, three. To confirm this would be some rumors that provide for the arrival of models from the innovative design on the market already by the end of 2021.

To provide these tasty details on the plans of the Chinese company is the leaker Digital Chat Station through a tweet posted on its Twitter profile. To give credence to the rumor there would also be a stolen image of a foldable prototype, dated January 2021, which shows the use in the subway of a Chinese city of a foldable smartphone, still in development but already working and equipped with the unmistakable MIUI 12. The photo would therefore be the proof of the plans of Xiaomi that, according to Ross Young of DisplaySearch, already since last December would be abundantly engaged in the foldable operation.

Xiaomi, the first will be Mi Mix 4 Pro Max

According to the words of Digital Chat Station, the devices will be part of the Mix series, the one that so far has given more biting and avant-garde design choices. The first smartphone with a foldable screen will be, for the leaker, Mi Mix 4 Pro Max. To characterize the device, a line that recalls the design features of Huawei Mate X2 and Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Mi Mix 4 Pro Max has already made its debut on the site dedicated to TENAA certification, helping to outline the contours of its technical compartment. At the moment, information predicts a foldable screen - not from Samsung but from China Star - with a diagonal that exceeds 8 inches, for a dynamic refresh rate from 60 to 120Hz. The secondary display, however, will be smaller with its 6.4" and refresh rate up to 90Hz.

Another detail not to be underestimated, in the photo module, the integration of a periscope lens capable of offering a zoom up to 10x. On the other lenses, as well as other components, still have not received official information or anticipations of the well-informed. Don't worry, though: given the TENAA certification, the smartphone could soon peep out, adding all the missing pieces to the entire technical set-up.

Xiaomi, how will the other two smartphones be?

On the other two devices the information is still rather vague, although there is already talk of a foldable smartphone, this time with a panel provided by Samsung given the absence on the previous model, with opening the screen outwards. A choice, therefore, characterized by a form factor still different from those currently in circulation (even Huawei has chosen for its foldable Mate X2 the closure towards the inside).

Last, but not least interesting, could be the main competitor of Oppo X 2021, that is the first device of the Chinese house equipped with a foldable screen. Given the X 2021's arrival on the market expected as early as the next few weeks, it wouldn't be surprising if some additional information leaks out soon.