Yape, the Italian robot that delivers groceries to your home

Developed by e-Novia, Yape is an autonomously driven vehicle equipped with two wheels and capable of carrying up to 70 kilograms

Imagine if one day the delivery man at the store would no longer bring your groceries to your home, but a robot. Fantasy? Absolutely not. An Italian company, in fact, has developed a truly amazing delivery tool based on a smart electric device that can move autonomously.

The name of the smart vehicle is Yape and it has been designed and built by e-Novia, a company based in Milan. The specialty of the robot is to have the ability to go around the streets of a city alone to carry packages. The device has everything it takes to revolutionize, even in Italy, the delivery system. The robot, in fact, can travel several kilometers without the need for human support. It is called through the special application made available by e-Novia, the goods are entrusted and Yape, which for the record stands for Autonomous Pony Express, takes them to their destination.

Yape features

Yape, as anticipated, is an intelligent robot. The device, in fact, is able to move around, recognizing and avoiding obstacles. Yape can move on the road or on the sidewalks. According to what we learn, the ultra-technological Pony Express reaches 20 kilometers per hour when it travels on bike paths and 6 km/h if, instead, it uses the path for pedestrians. The e-Novia vehicle travels thanks to two motorized wheels, placed at the bottom. Inside, Yape has a space to place the packages to be delivered. A maximum of 70 kilograms can be introduced into the compartment. Not bad for a device of this kind.

Safe in deliveries

Yape is partly reminiscent of Gita, a smart robot also made by another Italian company: Piaggio. The main difference is that the device of the company known in the world for the Vespa is a kind of cargo robot, Yape, instead, is an intelligent means to be used to make deliveries. A very important feature of Yape is facial recognition: the electric vehicle, in fact, makes sure that it is indeed the right person, before opening its compartment containing the package to be delivered.

Date of release

This September e-Novia is ready to start with the first experiments, and then launch Yape on the market in December. The company will work in tandem with a company operating in the e-commerce sector, even if further details are not yet known.

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