You: 3 trivia about the third season

Next month, the series whose main topic is stalking returns with its third season. Let's find out some curiosities about the new episodes.

Starting next month in October, the television series You returns with its third season on Netflix. The unexpected ending of the second chapter has left so many paths open for the new episodes. Fans are wondering how the stories will evolve and whether or not the release of the new novel will affect the story.

The narrative of You will restart exactly from the epilogue of the second season: Joe and Love have moved to a new house and await the arrival of Henry. The name of the heir was revealed a few days ago just in the chilling trailer released by Netflix as a preview. Joe appears worried about how much Love might be capable of. He seems to be starting to fear the woman in his life: her dark sides and reactions make even him afraid. The skepticism is real. On the other hand, Joe will not stop with his manias and perversions. As soon as he sees his neighbor from the other side of the yard his stalker nature will emerge again.

A new enigmatic woman and fatherhood

In Joe Goldberg's heart and thoughts there has always been a female subject to fuel his perversions. At first he was fascinated by the beautiful New Yorker Beth played by Elizabeth Lail. In the second season all his attention went to the perturbing and mysterious Love played by Victoria Pedretti. In the next episodes of You, Joe will be charmed by a new enigmatic woman. Yes, although he wants to improve and be a different person, his obsessions continue in the third chapter of You.

The curious questions for which fans are waiting for an answer are several. In fact, one wonders if Joe is really Henry's father. Love nella seconda stagione ha frequentato, sebbene per poco, un altro uomo: un amico del suo ex marito. Sono in molti a domandarsi se davvero Joe sia il padre e se si svelerà una nuova verità nei prossimi episodi.

La seconda stagione di conclude con una cartolina per Joe da Ellie che chiede allo stalker altri soldi. Joe in passato l’aveva allontanata per proteggerla dalla furia omicida di Love che aveva già ucciso sua sorella: Delilah. Ellie potrebbe decidere d’indagare sull’omicidio della sorella nella terza stagione.

Il nuovo romanzo

Sappiamo che You si ispira ai romanzi dell’autrice Caroline Kepnes. Sia la prima che la seconda stagione si basano infatti su You del 2014 e Hidden Bodies del 2016. In America è uscito il nuovo romanzo, da cui dovrebbe essere tratta questa terza stagione. Il condizionale è obbligatorio. Sappiamo bene che l’adattamento televisivo di entrambi i libri non è mai stato cosi fiscale. The character of Candace who dies in the first novel, in the series, not only survives, but returns to Joe and takes revenge.

Series creator Sara Gamble recently reiterated that Kepnes' writings are important, but the choices made in You were and will be unprecedented. We'll see if the thread from the book is there and what the twists and turns will be.

The countdown to season three is officially on.