You can earn money with Clubhouse: here’s how the monetization works

Clubhouse is on a roll: exactly one year after its birth it already promises a monetization program for creators able to attract new users to the platform.

Clubhouse will soon allow you to earn money. How? Through its first program dedicated to the creators present on the platform based on voice communication. The announcement was made by CEO Paul Davison during the weekly meeting on Sunday, now at the gates of the first anniversary of the social.

Tomorrow, March 17 will be the birthday of Clubhouse, which, for the occasion, will blow out its first candle with a success that has seen it fly to the top of the social landscape earning a valuation of $ 1 billion. Despite this, the app is still in beta and available only to users with devices based on the Apple iOS operating system, leaving out a large segment of the public that uses Android smartphones and tablets on a daily basis (and the Clubhouse app for Android has already been talked about for too long, without having arrived yet). The same goes for access, which is regulated by invitations and not free to all who want to access it. Despite this, the app seems to be going on its way, grinding out record after record, at least in the United States.

Clubhouse, how the creator program will work

Like what already happens on other social networks based on different communication systems, the Clubhouse Creator First program announced by Davison will therefore allow for the monetization of conversations created by creators and hosts, favoring the construction of an increasingly large audience.

In order to choose the most deserving creators, Clubhouse has already opened the selections that will end on March 31. Once the applications are closed, the dedicated team will announce the names of the 20 lucky ones who will be the first to take advantage of all the earning potential offered by the platform.

Once the program starts, the creators will be able to create rooms with access through paid tickets, or develop new partnerships with brands and companies that are rapidly colonizing this social network even if they can't yet invest directly in it.

Clubhouse, what's new

Paul Davison, together with co-founder Rohan Seth, will hold today the first international Town Hall, the weekly meeting on the platform updates, dedicating it to the Italian users that are increasing. During the meeting, there will also be space for the next innovations that will be introduced on the app, such as link sharing and language filters.

But, above all, the new management of users' privacy stands out: the application, in fact, will no longer require access to the contacts on the user's smartphone but, to send an invitation, it will be enough to enter the phone number of the person you want to introduce on Clubhouse. In addition, Davison confirmed that, upon request, all contacts previously uploaded to the platform will be removed from the database.