YouTube becomes a chat: possible to comment on videos with friends

Google is transforming the social for videos by implementing a platform for instant messaging. Here's how to comment on videos with your friends

Those who noticed at first glance can most likely be counted on the fingers of one hand. Not that we can blame them: Google has hidden this new YouTube feature so well that it practically goes unnoticed. And to say that it could be something revolutionary: YouTube, in fact, turns into a messaging platform, ready to wage war on Messenger and WhatsApp.

True, it's not an absolute novelty, since the YouTube chat was already present in the mobile version of the service. Now, however, Google engineers who take care of the development of the video sharing platform have implemented a small chat in the web version as well, giving users the ability to share and comment on videos with their friends while they're watching them. The conversations can be both individual and group, thus complementing the comments as a mode of interaction on the portal owned by Google.

How YouTube chats work

But how to turn TouTube into a group chat to enjoy commenting on any type of video with our friends? Nothing simpler, just sharpen your eyesight and you're done. To access YouTube chats, in fact, you'll have to click on the cartoon icon next to the bell icon, at the top right of the screen. At this point you'll be able to invite your friends to join YouTube's instant messaging platform, so you can start exchanging messages.

This way you'll be able to share videos directly with your friends and comment with them on what you're watching. A feature that should allow YouTube to further retain the billions of users who use the video platform every month. YouTube chat, in fact, will allow everyone to exchange opinions without the need to leave the portal.