YouTube Kids in Italy: what it is and how it works

Google's platform for the entertainment of the little ones also lands in our country, here's how to use it to entertain our children

After having launched YouTube Music in Italy as well, Google doubles by bringing to our country also the new video streaming platform for children called YouTube Kids. It is a kind of TV with content for children from three to ten years old.

YouTube Kids was born as a platform for the little ones in 2016 and was initially spread only in the United States. In 2017, the service ended up at the center of several controversies due to some videos uploaded by users and judged as unsuitable for an underage audience. Google has made it known that it has updated the algorithms to control the uploaded videos but that a 100% security is unattainable and has recommended always an adult supervision when the child uses the platform. There are, however, a number of tricks parents can use to limit the viewing of certain videos that could be dangerous for children. YouTube Kids is a free app separate from the classic YouTube and works on major Android and iOS devices.

How to use YouTube Kids

To prevent children from viewing unsuitable content uploaded by other users, simply select the "exclusive content selected by Google" viewing option. In addition, each parent will be able to select the list of videos and movies they want their child to watch, thus creating a sort of schedule for their entertainment. Then, if we have more than one child in the house it is possible to create different profiles and customize them according to the age and tastes of the little one. There is a Timer function that allows us to establish a maximum limit that children can spend in front of their smartphone, tablet or smart TV while using YouTube Kids. As for the programs currently available in Italy, we find a series of episodes of Zecchino d'Oro, the nursery rhymes of Coccole Sonore, the catchphrases of Pulcino Pio, episodes of the Winx Club fairies and Lego Ninjago.

In addition to cartoons, there are also documentaries and 360-degree videos to learn about nature, the human body and science. As on YouTube "classic", even in the Kids version there are ads, but here they are not at the beginning of the video but every 15 minutes of viewing, a bit 'TV style. The ads are selected and do not include carbonated drinks or junk food and also very few video games.