Youtube Kids: videos for kids from 2 to 10 years old

The app exclusively collects videos dedicated to little ones, protecting them from unsuitable content. Here's how to create your own parent account

Youtube videos are now followed by millions of people around the world, including a large segment of children and teens. The famous web platform to meet the needs of the youngest has launched the Youtube Kids app on the market, which offers exclusively videos for children from 2 to 10 years old.

Distributed as of September 12, 2018, the app has already been a huge success, ensuring a certain joy and serenity for parents as well. In fact, it is a protected environment, where it is possible to find only videos designed for minors, without the risk of running into unsuitable content. The Italian version differs slightly from the American one, because in our country interesting partnerships have been created with companies such as Rainbow (producer of the Winx) or Zecchino d'Oro. In short, the channel is perfect for those who have children and want to offer them tailor-made videos. Here's how it works.

Youtube Kids: how it works

Youtube Kids works thanks to a specific algorithm, to which is added the intervention of a team of people. One of the most important elements of the system is the safety of the navigation and the videos to be inserted in the channel. Moreover, the initiative is strongly supported by the Postal Police.

Every day, the videos undergo a strict check before being officially entered into the software. To increase the level of security, YouTube allows you to block and flag specific videos or channels, you can also disable the internal search function and require additional approval from relatives (Parents Approved) to view content in the children's database. The time spent on the app also plays a special role: you can rely on the Screen Timer function to set the maximum time your child can use it. In addition, you can disable the ability to Like videos, share them or upload new content.

How to download and use Youtube Kids

The app designed by Google is available for both Android and iOS, so you can download it from both Google Play and the App Store. After installing it on your device you need to create a new account. After a brief intro, you click on the Get Started button. You are asked for some personal information, including the year of birth of the parent, who at this point is ready to create his own account on Youtube Kids, by clicking on the Confirm button. The parent account is completely unrelated to the standard one already present on Youtube. During the creation of the profile, the system will ask you to enter the child's name and date of birth (optional). At this point you can choose the functions to be integrated into the interface, for example whether or not to add the internal search to the child's screen. Of course you can also edit the profile later: just click on the pencil symbol or the plus (+) symbol. Once this process is done, you click on the Start button and your child can start browsing Youtube Kids.