YouTube launches a new paid service: streaming TV

It will cost $35 a month and will only be available in the US. Broadcasters ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX will be part of the YouTube TV package

New things are coming for YouTube users. The free and most popular video platform has just announced a new service: paid streaming TV. YouTube TV will cost $35 a month and will include a number of TV channels, including cable channels.

From what we learn, there will be at least 40 channels in the pay-per-view TV package offered by the company acquired by Google. Users will be able to watch content broadcast by the 4 major broadcasters of "traditional" American TV: ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. And not only that. YouTube has also signed commercial agreements with some cable broadcasters. The YouTube service will allow the viewing of content broadcast through the Internet, as you can guess, on different devices and through an application separate from the "ordinary" one. According to what the company claims, the service will begin to be available in the spring.

YouTube TV: available only for the U.S.

After introducing YouTube Red, a subscription service that allows you to watch videos from the platform without ads, the American giant is embarking on another challenge. YouTube TV for the moment will only be available in the United States. In the American company's TV bouquet there will also be space for sport: ESPN will be part of the package of channels offered by the service. However, some question marks remain. For what reason, for example, should users make a subscription to enjoy content broadcast by other broadcasters? Especially considering the cost, not exactly low, of the subscription. To answer these questions we'll have to wait until the YouTube streaming television goes on air.