YouTube, paid comments too. Here’s the Super Chat feature

By purchasing the service, users will be able to highlight messages sent during live videos. Super Chat will help youtubers increase their revenue

This latest innovation will especially interest those who like to attract attention. In fact, YouTube has announced a new paid service that will allow users to increase the visibility of posts during live streams.

Super Chat, this is the name that the most popular video platform has given to the new feature, will allow the many youtubers to earn a little more from their videos. "Over the past few years, we've developed and released - reads the note posted by YouTube on its blog - several tools to help creators monetize their videos and live streams in many ways." Thanks to the new service, anyone will be able to highlight their own messages left in the chats of any video broadcast live. By purchasing Super Chat, the content sent will jump among the first positions assuming a colored background.

Super Chat, how it works

We have already mentioned that Super Chat works by increasing the visibility of comments. In order to activate the feature it will be enough to click on the dollar sign and choose an amount. Then you will have to write the message and select "Buy" and "Send". According to what the American company claims, comments sent through Super Chat will remain on top for up to 5 hours.

At the moment, however, the new YouTube feature is available in beta version only on a limited number of channels: Great Library (buzzbean11), iHasCupquake and Alex Wassabi. However, the platform will extend the service to more users starting on January 31.

Only on Android

The new YouTube feature is available on most desktop browsers out there. On the other hand, as far as mobile devices are concerned, the purchase of Super Chat for now is limited only on Android. Users of Apple's operating system will still be able to view the paid comments on the iPhone app.