YouTube, vertical videos look (finally) good

Clips will adapt to the screen, depending on how users choose to view them, as is already the case with horizontal content

Many people - there are many - find vertical videos (to understand those recorded with a smartphone) obnoxious. Especially on YouTube. Problem solved. With the latest update, the streaming platform purchased by Google will significantly improve the viewing of these videos.

The vertical clips, in fact, will adapt to the screen, depending on the viewing mode chosen by users. This means that the underappreciated portion of black screen - and in the long run very annoying - will disappear. The videos will occupy, in fact, the entire display, as it happens with horizontal contents. Finally, then, YouTube has decided to listen to many of its users, who have been fighting for a long time against the vertical format, a genre that has become so widespread as to flood the entire platform. The changes will not concern, according to what we learn, only vertical videos. The update, in fact, will also improve other formats, such as horizontal and square ones.

Vertical clips: update coming

The latest update concerns, of course, the mobile version of YouTube. The changes, as the company itself writes in a blog post, will arrive in the coming weeks. The updates, then, will allow millions of users, to watch videos in a better way, regardless of the format in which they were shot. The feature will allow, in fact, the application to adapt to the screen the many vertical clips that are uploaded every day.