Zerocalcare: 3 clues (+1) about the second season

Zerocalcare's TV series is the phenomenon of the moment: the public is already thinking about a second chapter, a dream that could become reality

It is the TV series of the moment, the phenomenon that everyone is talking about, in Italy it has achieved a record number of views, beating even Squid Game just a few days after its debut on streaming. This is Strappare lungo i bordi, the TV series conceived, written and starring Zerocalcare, the talented Roman comic artist.

His real name is Michele Rech and, if until a little more than a week ago he was loved especially by fans of books and comics, now he has become famous to the general public for his streaming show, able to tell in an ironic and irreverent way anxieties, dreams and fears of the generation of thirty years old. The quotes of the various episodes are already a cult on social networks and now the public knows by heart some of the lines, spoken with a beautiful Roman dialect. In the face of such success, it is almost automatic to expect a second season. On the other hand, this is also a practice for Netflix: if a product gets a good result, it is renewed. But is this also the case for Tear Along the Edges? Well yes: there are at least three good reasons to dream about the second chapter of the series.

1 - Strappare lungo i bordi is the most viewed series in Italy

Zerocalcare's series is a real phenomenon: never before, at least in our country, an animated show had reached results of this kind.

In three days it jumped to the first place of the Netflix Top 10, becoming the most viewed series in Italy. It bypassed some of the titles of the moment, including Squid Game, which currently occupies the eighth position in the ranking. Tear Along the Edges has also surpassed the highly anticipated final season of Narcos: Mexico, released on November 5.

These numbers cannot leave indifferent a giant like Netflix, which has always loved to invest on its successes. Think of the many series that initially had to end, but suddenly have been renewed thanks to the results of listening. One of the most emblematic cases is Lucifer, now right at the sixth season, currently in production.

2 - Zerocalcare had fun

The cartoonist Zerocalcare admitted that after about seven years producing exclusively comics, the desire to do something different was high. So, he decided to commit to the making of the TV series. And this enormous result cannot be ignored by the artist, who is currently living his golden period.

On November 25, on the wave of success, his new graphic novel "Niente di nuovo sul fronte di Rebibbia" (Nothing new on the Rebibbia front) published by Bao Publishing was released. At the end of the manual there is also a small personal journey where the artist tells about his last year, during which he also wrote Strappare lungo i bordi.

3 - Zerocalcare has many stories to tell

The events narrated in Strappare lungo i bordi have conquered the public, posed important questions and reflections, provoked laughter and also bitter tears. But Zerocalcare has so much more to tell: just think that he has illustrated thirteen books since 2011, the year in which the first volume "La profezia dell'Armadillo" came out, from which the series takes its inspiration. So, the material from which to draw for a next chapter is there and plenty!

+1 - Season 1... Season 2?

Finally, there is a small detail that gives us hope for a new series by Zerocalcare on Netflix and, in particular, for Tear Along the Edges 2: in the Italian ranking of Netflix TV series, published on the new Netflix Top Ten website, Micherle Rech's series (which is in first place) is indicated with "Tear Along the Dotted Line: Season 1".

This doesn't mean, clearly, that there will necessarily be a Season 2 but it's still true that Tear Along the Edges is a series of 6 episodes of a quarter hour each and is indicated as "First Season", while at the sixth place of the ranking we find the "mini-series" Maid of 10 episodes of three quarters of an hour each, indicated as "Limited Series".