Zerocalcare aggiorna i fan: quando esce la sua nuova serie Netflix

In un simpatico post sui social network il fumettista Zerocalcare ha aggiornato i fan su come procede la sua nuova serie Netflix: indizi su quando arriva Strappare lungo i bordi


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La serie del fumettista Zerocalcare per Netflix è stata annunciata a dicembre 2020 e dopo un lungo silenzio arrivano le prime indiscrezioni. To release is the same cartoonist, who has posted some cartoons on his social networks and a very short video.

For Zerocalcare this is the first animated series and Strappare Lungo i Bordi will be set in the well-known fictional universe of the author, composed of cult characters that his fans have come to love over time. The events will feature Secco, Sarah, the Boar Friend and the iconic Armadillo, as well as his mother represented in the comics by a caricature of Lady Cow and his duck father. In the announcement about the continuation of work, Zerocalcare jokes about Netflix's alleged threats to his family if he reveals too much about the new series and lets loose a precious indiscretion: the release date. Nothing precise, but that suggests that the series could arrive streaming on Netflix by the end of 2021.

Zerocalcare: when the Netflix series arrives

After the announcement about Zerocalcare's first animated series for Netflix, fans are in anxious anticipation. Since last December, in fact, no news about it was leaked until June 17. The cartoonist himself has shared vignettes and a short video on his Facebook and Instagram profiles, telling how the work on Strappare Lungo i Bordi is progressing.

Zerocalcare writes to his followers, "Since I am asked every day, my heart overflows with joy to finally be able to update you on how the series is progressing." Then representing Netflix as the eye of Sauron, the character from Lord of the Rings, he explains that he can't reveal anything about the plot: revealing even one detail will cause horrible things to happen to his family and friends.

The release date, that too, will have to remain top secret, but Zerocalcare finally manages to give a little update: "It will come out. Not in a week, but not even in a year. Na via de mezzo".

Zerocalcare: what we know about the Netflix series

At the moment there are few, very few rumors about Strappare Lungo i Bordi, which will be produced by Movimenti Production in collaboration with BAO Publishing.

What is certain is that the story will be as always an original idea of Zerocalcare and will feature his cult characters. New adventures are in store for Zero, Secco, Sarah, the Friend Boar and the Armadillo, whose voice will be played by actor Valerio Mastandrea.