Zoom updates to version 5.0: what changes and how to download it

Zoom has announced the release of Zoom 5.0, the new version of the video calling app that brings with it many new features, especially regarding privacy

The boom in downloads and installations before, the problems and the rain of criticism after, a new app to set things right now. A lot has happened in the last forty days in San Jose, California, home to Zoom Video Communications, the developer of the now-famous video conferencing app Zoom.

The same Zoom that, before the quarantine, almost no one knew about and that 200 million people around the world now use. The same Zoom for which the term "Zoombing" was coined, i.e. intruding into other people's videoconferences in order to disturb and utter vulgarities. The same Zoom that "accidentally" passed its users' data through Chinese servers (and if a piece of data passes through a server in China, then the Chinese government can set its sights on it). Now comes the update to Zoom 5.0 and, according to the developer, everything changes: more controls for privacy, against zoombombing and, above all, encryption finally suitable to protect the data of 200 million users.

Zoom 5.0: what changes

The main novelty introduced by version 5.0 of the Zoom app is AES-256 GCM encryption, which is finally able to protect user data by encrypting both the connection with cryptographic keys that are really complex to decipher. The introduction of this encryption standard will happen gradually, by May 30. Control Data Routing is also on the way, i.e. the possibility for the meeting administrator to decide from which servers the data flow will pass. All security settings, then, will be accessible by clicking on a single icon. The use of a strong password will then be mandatory for almost all meetings, especially those recorded in the cloud.

Zoom 5.0: features against zoombombing

To counteract the phenomenon of zoombing, Zoom 5.0 requires those who enter a meeting of someone else to pass through a Waiting Room. The admins, however, will have the ability to report an account if it behaves in a harassing manner. The report will be screened by an internal team of Zoom, which could go so far as to ban the account of the harasser.

Zoom 5.0: how and where to download it

Zoom 5.0 is not yet there: it was only announced but not yet released to the public. As soon as it's available it can be downloaded at https://zoom.us/download (or on Google and Apple stores, for mobile apps). At the moment, the latest available version of Zoom is 4.6.12, which does not yet have all the new features described.