ZTE Axon 30, it’s official: it will have the camera under the screen

ZTE Axon 30 is close to the debut: the company has already started to distribute details for fans, including an image that confirms the camera under the screen.

Now it's official and there can be no more doubts: Axon 30 , base version of the recently presented Axon 30 Ultra 5G, will have the camera under the screen. ZTE has therefore decided to try again, after last year's unfortunate attempt with the Axon 20 and its under-display camera which, in the end, turned out to be imperfect to say the least, far from the standards currently required by the market.

But that the company had every intention of reproposing the "Under Screen Camera" (UDC) was clear since the beginning of 2021, when already in February some signals had arrived in the direction of a second generation of the under-display camera. The challenge for ZTE - and for the other manufacturers working on the solution that many would like to depopulate in the future - was to increase the light permeability of the display, in order to offer selfies qualitatively in line with the images produced by traditional cameras, perhaps already on Axon 30. In short, the solution is fascinating and greatly enhances the clean aesthetics of smartphones that adopt it, but as with all new technologies even the camera under the screen has had and probably still needs to be refined.

The image confirms the camera under the screen

That ZTE has had to work hard to offer better Axon 30 in a relatively short time since the launch of its predecessor is beyond doubt, we will not know if it has actually succeeded until the launch.

According to the well-informed, however, should not be too far away and could be as early as the end of July, according to some rumors on July 22.

To support the possibility of a short presentation have been recent statements by the president of ZTE Ni Fei who anticipated in recent days that by the end of July will arrive a new product, which would be just ZTE Axon 30 with its camera under the screen renewed with the collaboration of Visionox.

And in a sense to confirm it is also the image released a few hours ago by the same Chinese company, one that confirms through the absence of holes, notch, sliding mechanisms and other that for the presentation of the successor to Axon 20 there is not much to wait.

It will not be perfect

Of course, do not delude yourself that the display can really remain so clear even in the area of the camera for selfies: never trust more than a press image, however official. ZTE may have significantly improved the technology behind the Axon 30's under-display camera, and as enthusiasts we hope so too, but it seems unlikely that the Axon 20's under-display camera would have gone from a deficient one to the perfect one in the press image in the space of a few months.

It also seems that ZTE could have presented the Axon 30 with its under-display camera along with its Axon 30 Pro and Axon 30 Ultra siblings. So this was not because of technical difficulties, perhaps generated precisely by the innovative camera, but because of the chip crisis that flared up as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.