Zuk Z3, in September the Lenovo top of the range in standard and max version

The Chinese company could announce the arrival of the Zuk Z3. According to rumors, Lenovo's device will mount the Snapdragon 836 and will have 8 GB of RAM

A news that will put to rest, at least for the moment, the rumors that Lenovo would no longer continue to produce one of its smartphones: the Zuk Z. To dismiss the rumors, circulated in recent months, was Chang Cheng. The CEO of the Chinese company has hinted that a new version may soon be announced: the Zuk Z3.

Previously, many rumors gave for finished the experience of the Lenovo Zuk. The rumors assumed, in fact, that Lenovo would have focused its efforts mainly on the Motorola range, to divest in a definite way the Zuk division. The CEO not only denies these reports, but raises. The new top of the range of the Chinese company, according to the few words written by Chang Cheng, could arrive in late summer. The manager of the Asian company, in fact, has posted a message on Weibo, a social network popular in China. The CEO has spoken of 4 events, which will engage Lenovo from July to September, and responding to a comment from a user has confirmed the release of the Zuk Z3.

Two versions

Have not waited, meanwhile, rumors about the technical characteristics of the new top of the range. Information that, however, can not be confirmed. According to these rumors, Lenovo would plan to launch two versions of the Zuk  Z3. A basic model and a larger one. In addition to having a larger screen, the Zuk 3 Max will have, always referring to the latest rumors, more advanced technical specifications. The older brother, surely, will mount above all a larger RAM memory and a larger storage space.

Technical characteristics Zuk Z3

Rumors provide a few more details in relation to internal specifications. The Zuk Z3 will run on the Snapdragon 836 and support (it is not known which of the two versions) 8 GB of RAM. Will it be true? Difficult at the moment to answer the question. The certain things for now are two: Lenovo will hold 4 events between now and September and will launch the new top of the range. The next device in the Zuk Z3 family will probably be announced soon.