HG TV, what the new digital terrestrial channel broadcasts

The list of digital terrestrial channels is enriched with a new number. Here comes HGTV, a new channel of Discovery Italia, present at 56 of the remote control

The TV guide of digital terrestrial TV changes again: after the arrival, in recent days, of Mediaset's Cine34 channel, it is now Discovery Italia's turn to launch a new channel. It is called HG TV and will be broadcast from February 2nd. For those who don't know, HGTV stands for Home&Garden TV. And this already says a lot about what it will broadcast.

First of all, however, let's get ready for a new change in numbering: HGTV will be broadcast on channel 56 of the TV guide, left free by MotorTrend, which in the meantime will move to 59, in turn left free by the defunct Alpha of De Agostini, which permanently turned off the signal on December 31, 2019. All this, of course, will force us to an umpteenth re-tuning of the decoder or TV. It should be noted that Discovery is investing a great deal in Italian digital terrestrial television, which it evidently finds very attractive: from February 2, in fact, the channels of this brand will be eight, of which seven are thematic channels (including HG TV) and only one (NOVE) is a generalist channel.

What HGTV broadcasts

HGTV will be a network dedicated to the home and gardening, with a predominantly female target. On Mondays, for example, "Cortesie per gli ospiti B&B" will be broadcast, on Tuesdays "Ho vinto la casa alla lotteria", on Wednesdays "Vado a vivere...Minicase", on Thursdays there will be Paola Marella (by now a historical face of Discovery Italia) with "Cerco casa disperatamente" and "Vendo casa disperatamente", on Fridays "Hawaii Life" and on Saturdays "Cerco casa su misura". Subsequently, there will also be programs dedicated to lovers of gardening, as well as furnishings and renovations. Among the official sponsors of this new channel are Findus, Idealista, Velux and Via Roma 60.

How to tune HGTV

To watch HGTV on channel 56 (and MotorTrend on channel 59) it should be enough to automatically retune your TV or decoder. If the new channel does not appear in the guide we will have to proceed to add the channel 44 HUF (frequency 658 MHz). Only if we live in Sardinia, Liguria, Tuscany, Umbria or in the province of Viterbo, instead, we will have to insert channel 32 UHF (frequency 562 MHz). It will be possible to watch HGTV also in streaming on demand, on the site or with the Android and iOS apps of Dplay.