Elon Musk wants to implant a computer in the brain by 2020

Neuralink, Elon Musk’s company, is ready to implant a chip in the brain to give people with neural problems the chance to live normally A monkey managed to control a computer with its brain. It’s not science fiction but the latest success of Neuralink, one of the many startups in the economic universe headed by … Read more

Mystery of “bowling alley” under Yorkshire abbey solved

The site would have been the focus of numerous industrial activities. Medieval structure discovered hidden beneath Fountains Abbey, England. The quiet and peaceful Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire, England, was not so quiet in its heyday. New research has found that, in fact, the place was the hub of numerous industrial activities during the medieval period. … Read more

What the AirPods Pro Lite and AirPods 3 will look like

Apple is preparing to launch the new AirPods Pro Lite and AirPods 3 headphones by early 2021: here’s what they’ll look like Between September and October, Apple will unveil its new 2020 release products. In addition to the iPhone 12 series and the new iPads, the new AirPods Pro Lite and AirPods 3 headphones could … Read more

9 tips for safe surfing

Secure internet surfing is essential to avoid nasty surprises and safeguard your data. Here’s what to do to protect yourself from hackers Hacker attacks are constantly on the rise and spare no device. In most cases it is the users themselves, with irresponsible behavior, who facilitate the task of cyber criminals. It is necessary to … Read more

How to back up your life on Facebook

In order not to risk losing all the pictures and videos posted on Facebook, it is important to periodically make a backup. Here’s how to do it Without even realizing it, every day, between photos, posts, videos, we upload hundreds of personal information on the network. Data that partly represent our life and that we … Read more

Android Auto Wireless per tutti e subito: come fare

C’è un modo per avere Android Auto Wireless su tutte le auto e con quasi tutti gli smartphone Android: ecco quale Nei giorni scorsi ha destato entusiasmo la notizia che Google sta per permettere a molti più possessori di smartphone di connettere in modalità wireless il loro telefono ad una automobile compatibile con Android Auto. … Read more