Farewell Prince Philip: movies and TV series that tell his life

Mourning in the United Kingdom, the consort of Queen Elizabeth II has passed away. We discover his exciting life through many movies and TV series streaming. The United Kingdom is in mourning for the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The consort of Queen Elizabeth II passed away on the morning of April 9 … Read more

IPad 7 and iPad Mini 5, launch expected in spring

By the end of spring 2019 Apple will launch the new week-generation iPad and iPad Mini 5 on the market. Here’s what they’ll look like New confirmations continue to arrive about the launch of the new iPads by early next summer. After previous rumors coming from China, this time is the news website DigiTimes to … Read more

How to watch de Ligt’s presentation in streaming and TV

At 10:00 am on July 19, Juve presents Matthijs de Ligt: here’s how to follow the presentation in streaming on smartphones, tablets and computers Matthijs de Ligt is a new Juventus defender. After Cristiano Ronaldo, the Bianconeri have pulled off another incredible coup that once again highlights the international growth of the Turin club. The … Read more

Unpaid invoices: how Libero SiFattura can help you

With Italiaonline’s administrative-management platform, you’ll always be able to know which of our customers have paid and which haven’t, and send a reminder We don’t know how comforting this can be, but know that you’re by no means the only one. If that of unpaid invoices and late payments is a problem that plagues your … Read more

Nokia X6, rumor, features and release of the first Nokia with notch

The Finnish company will present on April 27 its new smartphone, the first in its history with the notch. Here are all the features already revealed Different rumors speak of an imminent release for a new smartphone branded Nokia. The Finnish company, in a few days, should launch on the market the Nokia X6, first Nokia … Read more

Discovered how elements are formed in stars

The Luna collaboration has measured the speed of this process. The results concern a particular process that leads to the production of neutrons from a carbon 13 nucleus and a helium nucleus. The Luna experiment (Laboratory for Underground Nuclear Astrophysics) science collaboration has measured, for the first time, the speed of the neutron production process with very … Read more

Samsung A90 5G official: powerful and super-fast

Samsung launches on the market a new device in the Galaxy A line. This is the first low cost 5G smartphone, characterized by good value for money Not only Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. Samsung demonstrates more and more to bet strongly also on the “new” Galaxy A that, in the plans of the South … Read more

Dopo le emoticon arrivano le GIF nelle Instagram Stories

Le foto a tempo si arricchiscono di una nuova funzionalità: oltre alle scritte e alle emoticon, sarà possibile inserire anche le GIF animate Le Instagram Stories hanno avuto un grande successo. Lanciate alla fine del 2016, vengono oramai utilizzate da centinaia di milioni di utenti ogni giorno. Di fatto, se ne avvalgono anche le celebrità … Read more

Iliad calls problems, technicians at work to solve

Some users can neither make nor receive calls with their Iliad card: the problem seems to be localized only in some areas of Italy It’s now two months that Iliad has landed in the Italian market: the new phone company has attacked the market with low-cost rates and forced competitors to lower their prices. The … Read more