MIT’s 3D-printed pasta changes shape while cooking

Developed by researchers at MIT, the pasta is made up of two layers of gelatin and starch that increase in volume when in contact with water This latest invention will surely make some Modena grandmother, an expert in homemade pasta, turn up her nose. A group of researchers from the Tangible Media Group at MIT … Read more

10 free programs to install on your computer

You don’t always need to buy software, very often there are free programs available for your computer that perform the same functions Buying a new computer is always a major purchase and one that should be done carefully. Yet our final experience with the device may not be influenced solely by its technical features. Often … Read more

There’s an iPhone that won’t sell: which one is it (and why)

The rumors have been going around for a while, but now the first predictions made by consulting firms confirm it: iPhone 12 Mini won’t sell. The latest series of smartphones from Apple hasn’t been as successful as hoped, at least as far as its smallest model, the iPhone 12 Mini, is concerned. And, given the … Read more