There’s an iPhone that won’t sell: which one is it (and why)

The rumors have been going around for a while, but now the first predictions made by consulting firms confirm it: iPhone 12 Mini won't sell.

The latest series of smartphones from Apple hasn't been as successful as hoped, at least as far as its smallest model, the iPhone 12 Mini, is concerned. And, given the poor sales results, Cupertino is thinking (in addition to two hypotheses of foldable iPhone) to give an early stop to the production of the Mini, stopping it already in the second quarter of 2021.

The global situation has not been too favorable for Apple, at least in recent months. It all started with delays in the supply of components, due to production stoppages caused by the coronavirus outbreak. The same effects are then inevitably reflected on the realization of the specimens for sale: a slow chain and sometimes overwhelmed by chaos, which has forced the company to divide into two tranches - between October and November 2020 - both the official presentations and the debut on the market. Unfortunately, the reduced price of Apple's little one has been of little use: the sales numbers could make it the Apple Phone with the lowest time spent in stores ever.

iPhone 12 Mini, why the production stop

The news of the probable production stop has been spread by JPMorgan, also giving a rather precise date on when the decision of Cupertino should materialize. The next quarter, therefore, could be decisive for the life on the shelves of iPhone 12 Mini that, currently, would have a very low market share, equal to only 6%.

Practical dimensions, appreciable performance and low price have apparently not convinced the public. But there's more. For JPMorgan even the main version of Apple's latest smartphone series would be floundering behind its competitors. The production of iPhone 12, in fact, would be down, but in this case, however, there would be no block in sight, thanks to the results obtained in the last quarter of 2020: +22% for the entire iPhone brand.

To lead the advance, this time, there would be the most powerful model - and more expensive - of the entire line: iPhone 12 Pro Max, with a production increase of 11 million units.

iPhone, what does the future hold for Apple?

Successes and failures aside, by the end of the year the new iPhone 13 Mini could arrive. To say it is always JPMorgan that, just on this version, anticipates a possible restyling to raise the fortunes of the smallest and cheapest model. Among the innovations to keep an eye on, a completely renovated battery with greater autonomy, one of the critical points of version 12 that little liked the users of the bitten apple.