Tricks to sell your used smartphone

We decided to switch to the new model of our smartphone but we would like to amortize the expenses: here's how to do it by selling the old phone

Most users like to change smartphone quite frequently to have more and more performing and innovative models. If we do not want to spend too much to replace our phone the advice is to sell the old smartphone.

A used smartphone of medium-high even after one or two years has a very good market, especially in the various e-commerce and online sites. Of course being able to sell a used phone is not as simple as many might think. It is not enough, in fact, enter your device on a website to be able to sell it at the best possible price. However, there are a number of "tricks" to be put into practice to be able to get the most money possible from the sale of our old smartphone. Here are those to take into account if we are thinking of selling our used phone on the Internet.

Always use the covers

On average, every 2.6 years a user changes their smartphone. If we buy a top of the line device after this time frame we can still hope to make a good amount of money from selling the phone. We have to think about this possibility from the first day we use the smartphone. In the future we will be able to resell at a very good price a well-kept device, without obvious scratches or broken screen. For this reason we must protect our phone as much as possible. We always use a durable cover and protect the screen with a protective film. Nowadays hard rubber cases and protective films cost a few tens of euros in both physical stores and e-commerce. A minimal expense and necessary if after one or two years we want to resell the device.

Take care of accessories

Quick question: what happened to the headphones in the original packaging of your phone? Many users can't answer this question and the reason is simple: after a few months of use, several people start losing their phone's accessories. The headphones are important but not fundamental: the real accessory that can't be missing when we sell a used smartphone is the charger. If we try to sell a device with an unofficial charger and different from the one given to us by the manufacturer we will have to consider earning a little less from the sale of our smartphone. So we pay great attention not only to the smartphone but also to all its accessories. The advice is to keep the packaging box in a safe place. Selling the phone complete with accessories in its original box raises the price you can put online. The more you make, the less you will spend on the new phone.

Organize the sale

To sell the smartphone online at the best price you have to be a bit of a trader and therefore have the right smarts and understand when is the best time to sell a device or not. For example, when a new iPhoneo is launched is definitely not the best time to sell your used iPhone. It would have been better to do it at the beginning of the summer (Apple introduces its devices in mid-September), when we could have sold it at a definitely higher price.

Where to sell your used smartphone

Where is it convenient to sell a used smartphone? The answer is obvious, online. We all have our cousin's friend who would be interested in our old iPhone or Android, but will always try to get a "family discount". The conversation changes online. The price you enter is non-negotiable and you will only receive offers and calls from people who are truly interested. Where to sell online? On eBay, on or in the various forums dedicated to technology on the Net.