4 tricks to make your smartphone battery last longer

How to make your cell phone battery last longer? There are several tricks to make your smartphone charge survive. Here's how to do it

Smartphones now manage to meet all our needs, or almost. They allow us to talk to people on the other side of the world, read live news, and later listen to a song or watch a movie in streaming. In short, thanks to the cell phone we can do a lot of things, but unfortunately everything has a limit.

In fact, as we send messages, listen to music, watch movies,

the charge of the cell phone is consumed. Fortunately, there are some tricks to make your smartphone battery last longer. On average, the autonomy of a mobile device is one day, however, there are factors that can reduce the duration of the charge. It all depends on how much we use it  or how we used it previously. Simply put, the operation of the smartphone is affected by the characteristics of the lithium-ion batteries.

Check the battery charge

Mobile phone batteries are not infinite! Normally they are composed of lithium-ion which gradually lose their charging capacity when they are powered up. The electrolyte, which is the conductive liquid inside, degrades as the cycles increase. This means that if you charge your cell phone many times, the battery will last less and less. That's why it's critical to use your cell phone well, so as to reduce lithium-ion degradation and increase the longevity of your device.

Lithium-ion batteries are designed to retain 80 percent of their charge capacity after about 500 charge/discharge cycles. Unfortunately, in reality this is not the case at all: in fact, this percentage remains constant only within 100 charge/discharge cycles. This is because cell phones are misused, and the battery is not used efficiently. First of all, to improve performance it is advisable not to turn off the cell phone because it is too discharged. In a nutshell, it's better not to get to 0% battery, but to start charging before you turn off the phone.

Extend charging time

Very often, due to haste, we put the phone on charge for half an hour and disconnect it before the charging cycle is finished. In fact, charging a battery quickly reduces its ability to store charge. On a physical level, moving lithium ions between battery electrodes is a time-consuming process, and interrupting it can damage the power supply. It is advisable to let the charge reach 100% and then take it out of charge.

Keep temperature under control

Another trick to increase battery life is to keep your smartphone from overheating. Better not to use it too much or put it under heat sources. Above 45 ° the battery tends to degrade and the ability to recharge is reduced.

Not only the heat can kill the battery: the cold has even worse effects. In fact, freezing is not recommended. Below 0° the amount of energy available in the battery shrinks because the lithium ions can't move with agility, they are slowed down and the liquid starts to freeze. In short, the phone should be kept in mild temperature environments.

Use power saving

All smartphones have a power saving feature, which allows the battery to reduce consumption. For example, several things happen on the device when you turn on the power saving feature: the screen brightness decreases and the data connection is turned off. Or apps that aren't in use are closed.