7 apps and gadgets for the careless ones who always lose everything

Can't find your house keys or do you often lose your wallet? Here are some hi-tech solutions to track down lost and found

Getting out of the house, forgetting the keys to the door inside the domestic walls, is one of the main fears that afflicts the careless people all over the world. As a result, before leaving the house, these people continuously check (almost compulsively) that they have taken the object.

Keys are just one of the many things that we normally, and with some frequency, tend to lose. Often we can't remember, especially because of the stressful and hectic life we live, where we left our wallet or smartphone. And not only that. Then there are those who lose, through no fault of their own, many other objects. Let's think, for example, of suitcases lost at the airport or exchanged on the train. Many, moreover, are unable to trace their dog or cat, especially if the pets have been left free to run around in the park. What to do? Fortunately, there is technology. Here are 5 apps and gadgets indicated for those who lose everything with ease.

Findster Duo

Findster Duo is a GPS tracker recommended for those who fear losing their four-legged friends. The device is a real concentration of technology. The device, in fact, has a radar, through which it measures the distance that separates the user from the pet. Associating it with the application, available only for iOS, it is possible to display on the map the position of the dog in real time. And not only that. Findster Duo allows you to set a control area, a sort of virtual fence, which if exceeded by Fido will trigger the alarm. The GPS tracker costs 99 dollars (about 87 euros, at current exchange rates).


Tile is a Bluetooth gadget, useful for those who can never find their house keys or wallet. Simply attach the device to the object and connect it to your smartphone. Through the special application, users can know at any time where it is finished what they are looking for, taking a look at the map or playing the device. Tile can also be used to find the smartphone: just press the button on the device and the phone will ring. The only problem is that Tile is only available for Apple users. Starting price: 27 euros.


Similar to Tile is the Bluetooth device TrackR, with the advantage of also working on Android devices. The device is very useful for tracking keys, luggage, wallets and more. TrackR integrates a distance indicator, to be used to know how many meters away the lost object is, and it is also able to emit audio signals to trace the location of keys. In addition, if the user moves away from the object to which the device is connected, he will receive a notification on the smartphone. Price: $29 (just over 25 euros).

Chipolo Plus

Chipolo Plus is another Bluetooth tracker and works exactly like the others listed so far. The device is very small and comes with a sleek design. Once connected to your smartphone, through the dedicated application, it allows you to track the location of the lost object. Chipolo emits very strong sound pulses, audible even at a distance of several meters. It is available in different colors, is water resistant and has a battery that ensures up to one year of autonomy. At the moment, you can buy it at the discounted price of almost 25 dollars (about 22 euros).


Device similar to those seen previously is Filo, the GPS tracker developed and produced entirely in Italy. The tracker from the Bel Paese startup is as big as a keychain and can be inserted into any object. To find a set of keys or your wallet, simply activate the application and locate the object thanks to the GPS sensor. Filo also integrates a button that allows you to make your smartphone ring in case it is set to silent. The Italian GPS tracker can be purchased directly from the startup's website at a price of €29.90.


FollowMee differs from previous solutions as it is simply an app and not a Bluetooth or GPS tracker. The app, also available in a free version, works by allowing users to check the exact location of the device through the browser. It is compatible with any object and software platform. FollowMee uses the GPS of the mobile device (smartphone, tablet) on which it is installed.

Mu Tag

Can a small device, similar to a miniature USB stick, help us not to lose any object? The answer is yes, if the accessory in question is Mu Tag. It is the smallest tool in the world to use to check that you have everything you need at hand. From the house keys to the smartphone, passing through notebooks and wallets. How does it work? Just attach the small device to a backpack, a book or a suitcase to start receiving information about the location of the object on our phone. If we set up a list of items to remember, the Mu Tag will alert us whenever we move away from that particular accessory. Let's say for example that we have to leave. To make sure we don't forget anything, we can create a list of things we need. From the suitcase to the documents for the trip. Leaving home, however, we forget our passport. At that point, once we arrive at the door, we will receive a notification on the smartphone (but it also works on smartwatches and tablets) that will warn us to go back to retrieve the document. Always during a vacation the Mu Tag is very convenient for those who are afraid of losing their suitcase. Just insert it in our checked luggage to prevent it from being lost. And we will be constantly updated on the location of the suitcase through notifications. But if we live in a big city the Mu Tag can also be left inside the vehicle, especially if we park in a very large structure, to find it again in a few minutes. At the moment the little device for careless people is being launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and costs about 15 dollars. With a hundred euros we will be able to buy several of them to apply on our main objects. Shipping will start in December 2017.