The best microSD cards for Android apps will have the A1 symbol

The best performing cards for Google's operating system apps will now be easily recognizable even for users with less specialized knowledge

A purchase that many users associate with their smartphone is a microSD card. To upgrade the memory of our device is a necessary investment. And therefore also delicate. Now it's easier to find the best ones thanks to a new symbol that indicates the ones that are suitable for the speed of running apps.

The A1 symbol on microSD for apps.

Those who have bought a microSD card at least once in their life have noticed that they have several symbols on them. Among the most obvious are the total storage space they can allow and their capacity (HC or XC). Generally, SDHC cards have a capacity from 4GB to 32GB. While SDXCs have a minimum capacity of 32GB up to a maximum of 2TB. What was missing, however, was a symbol for speed. So from now on, users will be able to find the A1 definition on the SD card for sale. So they know that their applications will work optimally with that card.

Increase app performance

This is great news for all those users who have an Android Marshmallow or higher device. If you have an old micro SD card, you can even do a specific test to see if it falls into the A1 class of cards. Some, especially the older ones, however, will hardly pass the tests that consist of perfect execution of applications, images and videos. Without slowing down. The A1 symbol will be clearly visible on the card and on the packaging, so that it will be easy enough for consumers to recognize the new category of microSD. Market needs will also lead to the emergence of other tiers over time. To qualify for the category, SD cards must have these requirements: a read Input/output per second (IOPS) of 1500, a write IOPS of 500, and sequential performance greater than 10MB per second.