Programs for downloading apps not available in Italy

If an app is not available in Italy on Google Play Store but you still want to download it, you can use APK files or a free VPN.

It happens that when you try to download an app that interests you on Google Play Store, or even on the App Store, you get the message "The requested item is currently not available in your country". This means that without a guide explaining how to do it, it is not possible to download apps that are not available in your country on Android. Below you'll find all the tips you need to do it, it's very simple.

Google Play Store is a very rich source of all kinds of apps, able to meet the needs of every user, different in gender, age, interests and more. Sometimes you want an app that you can't find in your country, that isn't available in the store and that you can't have on your smartphone or mobile device. So if we find ourselves in the situation of not being able to install the app we're interested in because it's not Italian, just follow one of the solutions we propose below.

Apps blocked on Google Play Store, how to download them

If you have an Android smartphone then you can install the app in APK format or you can even trick the localization, very cleverly. If you have an iPhone, on the other hand, you can create an Apple ID under a fake identity. Let's take a closer look at how to download apps from the Google Play Store.

Save app to Wish List

So let's get down to business, if you want to download apps that are not available in Italy on Android devices, then the first suggestion we give you is to click on the + link to Add to Wish List. Right now, you can go to the Play Store menu on mobile and select the Wishlist to see all the apps that have been installed.

On the other hand, from a PC you have to do the same thing and then click on the icon that shows a cogwheel that is at the top right. Then you can choose the app that you can't download and click on the icon with the three vertical dots on the top right. In this way you can then choose the Share item in the popup menu. If you're not using your mobile device but your PC, then you can simply copy the app's URL from the address bar.

Download unavailable apps with APK Downloader

One of the alternatives for downloading apps not available in your country is APK Downloader. So first of all, go to the first site and paste the link you need into the field that indicates Google Play URL or Package Name. Then click on Generate Download Link and then click on Click Here to Download App Name Now.

Once the download is complete, you'll just have to install the unavailable app on your smartphone. It's important that you remember to enable Unknown Origins or Unknown Sources, so that you can also install apps that come from sources other than the official Play Store, which you can find by clicking on Settings, then Security.

Downloading Unavailable Apps with Secure VPN

The alternative to downloading foreign apps on your Samsung or other Android-powered device is to install a free VPN on your smartphone or device, which you can find on the Google Play Store. One of the most popular and effective ones is Secure VPN, you just need to download and install it, then open the VPN app and click on the Connect button. Then click on the German flag symbol in the upper right corner, which will take you to the Servers page and set the country where the app is available.

From your phone click on Settings, then select Apps and then Google Play Store. Then click on Terminate or Force Shutdown. Open Memory, click on Clear Data and Empty Cache, precisely to delete data and cache. Then open your device's browser, search for the foreign app you want to download and find the corresponding link to the foreign Play Store. You can then choose Install, then Skip, in case you're prompted for account setup. At this moment you can just wait for the installation to complete and then disconnect the VPN. The process is very simple and effective.