How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages

If we accidentally delete a message on WhatsApp, thanks to the backup we can recover it. Here's how to do it on Android and iOS

WhatsApp is a very widely used messaging platform nowadays, so it may happen that some message, maybe even important, is deleted by mistake. However, you should not despair, as the recovery of WhatsApp messages is simple if you follow some steps that can be implemented even by those who are unfamiliar with technology.

How to recover WhatsApp chats: here's how to do it

One of the few things to recover deleted WhatsApp messages is to reinstall the application and follow the available procedure for restoring the backup. In fact, WhatsApp automatically generates backup copies of all the chats entertained and does so on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
However, it is good to specify that by following the procedure that allows you to bring WhatsApp to a previous state, all messages received and sent after the date of the backup will inevitably be lost. So, before doing so, it is important to understand whether it is really worth it or not. In fact, everything of hangs on the importance of what needs to be recovered.

How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages from Android

The first thing that is important to point out is that the Android version of WhatsApp saves chat backups locally, i.e. on the smartphone memory, but also online on Google Drive. However, to recover WhatsApp chats on Android, the restoration procedure is the same, as you have to proceed with the removal of WhatsApp from the phone and shortly after with the restoration, downloading it from the Play Store and taking care to perform the initial configuration procedure of the application, as, after implementing the number verification, the application will automatically detect the presence of a backup and the user will be called to decide whether to restore it.

Once you get to this point, all you have to do is click on the "Restore" button. By doing so, in fact, all conversations will be restored to the state they were in on the date of the backup. Do you want to know when the last backup implemented automatically by WhatsApp dates back to? Just open the application on your phone, press on the three dots in the top right corner, and click on the "Settings" option that appears in the menu. Then, you have to press on the "Chats" and "Chat backups" items and check the dates that appear under the "Last backup" heading.

How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without Android backup

Have you followed the procedure to the letter, but realized that WhatsApp never backed up the messages and, therefore, they were permanently lost?
There are other ways to track and recover deleted chats and messages on Android without resorting to backup. One of them is Android apps. Thanks to the use of specific Android apps you will be able to recover deleted WhatsApp messages, as these apps examine the smartphone's memory and recover the chats, if not yet overwritten by other data.

Although they are very easy to use for restoring deleted WhatsApp chats, it is also true that they only work if the phone has undergone the root procedure, which allows you to unlock particular Administrator "permissions" that, if blocked, would not allow you to find deleted WhatsApp conversations.
In the list of the best apps to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without Android backup we find Dr.Fone, EaseUS MobiSaver, iReparo for Android and Undeleter: although some of them are paid, you can take advantage of the trial period, with very positive results.

Recovery deleted WhatsApp conversations and chats from iPhone

Those who have the iPhone can restore WhatsApp messages exclusively via iCloud. Therefore, it is not possible to restore only the most recent backup. In case you want to check the date, so that you can understand whether implementing the procedure can actually be useful, you need to go into "Settings" and press on "Chats" and then "Chat backup". In fact, the restoration procedure is the same as that implemented for Android terminals, that is, it is essential to uninstall WhatsApp from the phone and reinstall the application via the App Store.

Once this is done, you must follow the initial configuration procedure of the app and accept the restoration of the backup, which is automatically detected thanks to iCloud. In case the backup is later than the date when the message you want to restore was deleted, you can think about completely resetting the device and restoring it through an iTunes or iCloud backup. However, it must be said that this is a rather drastic operation and the result of which is uncertain.

How to restore WhatsApp backup

If you have finally restored deleted conversations on WhatsApp and want to make sure that this does not happen again, you only need to do one thing: restore (or activate for the first time) the WhatsApp chat backup. Il ripristino del backup di WhatsApp (per Android, iPhone ecc) è semplice:
– Avvia l’applicazione
– Seleziona "Chat"
– Clicca sui tre puntini in alto a destra
– Seleziona "Impostazioni"
– Clicca su "Chat" e poi su "Backup delle chat"
– Imposta l’opzione "Quotidiano" su "Backup su Google Drive"

Come recuperare i messaggi WhatsApp cancellati dal mittente

Da qualche tempo a questa parte, su WhatsApp, c’è la possibilità di cancellare i messaggi inviati. Vuoi sapere cosa c’è scritto in uno di questi, che attualmente non puoi vedere? Anche in questo caso ci sono delle app che ti aiuteranno. Sono due, nello specifico. Con Timeline Notification History potrai rileggere tutte le notifiche ricevute e, quindi, anche i messaggi inviati e successivamente cancellati, mentre WhatsRemoved è un’app che si occupa di registrare e salvare le notifiche, tenendo però in memoria solo quelle dei messaggi che vengono poi eliminati. Comoda e molto semplice.