WhatsApp down, problems with the initial configuration: what’s going on

For a few hours, WhatsApp does not allow you to register on the app: what's going on and how to solve the problem

WhatsApp is not working: since 16:00 on November 11, there are increasing reports from users who have problems with some features of the messaging application. We warn you right away that these are not major malfunctions that affect its operation, but a small disservice very annoying: at the moment you can not register a new account on the application.

As you well know, WhatsApp is tied to your phone number. Each account is tied in a double thread to the SIM: one SIM, one profile. In recent hours, when you try to create a new WhatsApp account, or install the app on a new smartphone, during the registration phase you receive an error message "WhatsApp is temporarily unavailable. Please try again in 5 minutes." The problem is widespread throughout Italy as you can see from downdetector.it, a website that collects user complaints when a service is not working. The comments of users all point to the same problem: they are unable to complete the registration phase of WhatsApp.

Why can't I register to WhatsApp

For the moment, the reasons for this problem are unknown.

This is rather unusual, since usually the inefficiencies of WhatsApp concern sending and receiving messages. In this case, however, the person responsible for the problems is the registration phase of the app: when a user enters their phone number to receive the confirmation code, a message appears on the screen "WhatsApp is temporarily unavailable. Try again in 5 minutes."

The message appears both to those who are creating a new profile, and to those who are transferring the account from one smartphone to another via backup. WhatsApp technicians are definitely working to fix the problem and in the coming hours we will surely know more. For the moment from the secret rooms of WhatsApp everything is silent.

Update 20:00. The problem has been resolved.