How to schedule WhatsApp messages

How to do on the WhatsApp app to send a message at a certain time on a certain day to a specific user? Here are some simple tricks to achieve it

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps around the world. Most of us know how to use the app in the hands of Facebook without any problems, but there are some little tricks that not everyone knows. For example: how do you schedule messages on WhatsApp?

Scheduling a message means sending a particular text to a user or on a group chat at a specific time. It can be very useful as a reminder for an appointment on a work chat or more trivially to remind our partner to stop by to do the shopping when he leaves the office. Without forgetting birthdays, we often make a bad impression on our friends and relatives because we forget to send a birthday greeting on birthdays or special occasions. With a message planned in time, however, we will always make a good impression and we will not have to remember the birthdays and anniversaries of friends, colleagues or relatives. Here is how to schedule a message to be sent at a specific date and time on WhatsApp.

How to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android

You should know that unfortunately WhatsApp does not have a native function to schedule messages on either its iPhone or Android version. On devices with Google's home operating system, however, we can use a third-party app to schedule a message. The app in question is called WhatsApp Scheduler. As the name suggests, this app schedules WhatsApp messages to be sent automatically at the desired time to the desired person. How does it work? Nothing simpler. Once you've downloaded the app, launch it and you'll see an interface very similar to the one we have on WhatsApp. So let's select the contact to whom we need to send a scheduled message. That done, we type the message, set the time and date and save the text on the app. When the pre-set time of day strikes, our contact will receive our scheduled message. It's that simple, isn't it?

How to schedule WhatsApp messages on iPhone

Unfortunately, Apple's more restrictive logic doesn't allow third-party apps to have full access to other apps installed on the device. This means that for iPhone there is no real application on the App Store to schedule WhatsApp messages. Or rather there are a few paid programs that claim to be message organizers and schedulers for the messaging app's chats, but they don't really work. The only way to send painified messages on WhatsApp from the iPhone is to jailbreak it and then run a software called Message Scheduler for WhatsApp. However, this is an operation that will void your warranty and requires a lot of knowledge on the subject, as well as posing a risk to your computer security. Therefore, we do not recommend the less experienced to perform this action.