iPhone 6S battery problems, the cause is to be found in the air

According to a statement on the Apple website, the causes of the sudden shutdown of the iPhone 6s are attributable to a manufacturing defect

After days of rumors, previews and discussions, the batterygate that affected some models of the iPhone 6S seems to have finally been resolved. The Cupertino company has officially acknowledged the problem and has launched a recall campaign that has also affected some Italian users.

After a few days of silence, moreover, Apple has also revealed the issues that caused the iPhone 6S battery malfunction. It is not, as speculated by several parties in the very first days, a software solution necessary to preserve the functionality of the device of the bitten apple and the safety of users, but a real manufacturing defect that has affected the iPhone 6S produced between September and October 2015. And, although some will find it hard to believe, the cause of it all is an "air blow" that has compromised the internal stability of the accumulators. But let's proceed in order.

Battery iPhone 6S, problems arose in the laboratory

According to the Apple statement, published on the official Chinese website, the "sudden death" of the batteries is due to excessive exposure to the controlled air of the production laboratories. "As a result," reads the official note from the house of the bitten apple, "the batteries in question degrade faster and leads the device to shut down suddenly. It is worth noting that this is not a problem related to the safety of the device."